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Slammin’ Ninja Smoke Bombs!

Make some amazing Ninja style smoke bombs that flash and smoke when thrown to the ground!
More cool videos at: http://www.kipkay.com
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Please use extreme care when handling any flammable materials.

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  1. perfect for when people catch me sneaking in there backyards and stealing there dog

  2. Would there be any way to make this without gunpowder?

  3. Can you make an updated version

  4. Thank KitKay I made a larger one and I eventually I threw one when it was HALLOWEEN and I dress up as a ninja and it was the best Halloween yet for me

  5. I did it and it worked! Be sure to use Sand paper instead of a Dremel tool. Check out my test bomb on my channel

  6. where can i get gun powder so I can try this

  7. why does everything have to have something I cant get my hands on

  8. aren't those fire starters ferrocerium, not magnesium?

  9. dammit. Ninjas are on back-order till next week?

  10. Fiannly a good smoke bomb

  11. Theatricality and deception, powerful agents you must become more than just a man in the mind of your opponent

  12. Could I just use gun powder

  13. 2016 anyone?

  14. Shadi Chaudhary Motors

    have use it

  15. what if I want black smoke

  16. Will it work without magnesium?

  17. You are the Best

  18. Will it work without the fire starter dust

  19. who else is here to be a ninja?

  20. i could vanish if im the ones that vanish and go away

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