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SmoothShot Steadycam Camera Stabilizer comparison footage

SmoothShot Camera Stabilizer comparison footage. The new iPhone and DSLR camera stabilizer from SmoothShot. Example footage from our new …

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  1. The SmoothShot camera stabilisation comparison video. Check it out and see if you can spot the difference…

  2. the operator on the left have a parkinson?

  3. HI Guys…The New SmoothShot V2 is now available from our website, amazon/eBay.

    The new design has a slightly thicker body, extended weight platform and larger Mounting Screw for easier set up. In addition to those changes we have also included a dedicated rear mounting point for additional weights, extremely useful for lightweight cameras like the GoPro Hero range, or others which have a weight between 100g-300g. We still advise on a MAX weight 1KG. or 1.3Kg with an additional weight pack.

  4. I see a lot of people complain about DSLR compatibility with that steadicam, i have my own DIY and a lot of people dont know but to properly use canon rebel DSLR line with merlin design you have to add weight to the camera or to the top of steadicam!Without adding weight its just a waste of time, i was planning to buy smoothshot but im not sure if it will last because additional weight, i used my steadicam on this vid watch?v=5_drearDLVw and i would gladly do some demo once i get smoothshot 

  5. i got mine today, works perfectly.
    i´ll upload some videos soon. =)

  6. I can't get mine working. I have a 650D and it just flips over. Its 970gr so it should work fine…but no. Im really disappointed :(

  7. whats the name of the track ? its awesome !!

  8. please answer this question.

  9. Seriously considering buying this product but nervous due to lack of reviews. I have a canon 550d. Can anyone assure me this stabiliser will work well with it? Thanks

  10. What would you suggest for heavier cameras? around 1.5- 2 kg

  11. @makrat9 Yes it is. It can also be bought from our website or now from Amazon :)

  12. @luislodos You have a link?

  13. @TopMass Cool! Can you share some videos?

  14. @broncojonnes Go to smoothshot.co.uk and click the ebay link to get to their shop.

  15. @broncojonnes, I recall they have an iPhone adapter also, but I don't see it in their shop anymore. Best is to contact them. You can find their shop on eBay and then send them a message.

  16. I personally can achieve more stable footage when I do hand held so it is a little bit of an exaggeration on the left I think, or maybe just an untrained hand, no offence.

    Yes Steadicam's do improve a heap though, I have the Merlin and it is great :)

  17. @luislodos Haha I order summit else.. the fl*c*m… haha check my channel for results 

  18. @luislodos Thnx, might order it.. or goin for summit that does realy help the DLSR's

  19. SLR Cam usable? like the Canon 550D?

  20. @TopMass We are glad you like the product. Feel free to send some videos of it in use our way, we would love to see them

  21. Is this test with an iPhone ?

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