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Solar Death Ray vs. iPod

Learn how to build an evil Solar Death Ray that vaporizes things in it’s path. See what it does to an innocent iPod.

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  1. Skywtaker Is here

    Tux was behind the screen

  2. VongolaThunderRing

    Grant Thompson really just surfs the internet for stuff to steal and label as his idea, doesn't he? Piece of shit

  3. TSA Master


  4. J & J Twins

    your cat is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  5. bossjaylen145 jaylen


  6. Project X5 // Animations and music

    Why did you burn an iPod ):

  7. sonicjr24224

    slaps with fire everyone who thinks the one milion dollar was real

  8. Skywtaker Is here

    Wow I really don't want to put a million dollars up in flames

  9. Panda Lander

    This is what the king of random did

  10. The Flash

    now i know how 'the king of random' got the idea

  11. CalculatinGenius

    1:32 was that the small loan of a million dollars ur dad gave you?

  12. NorthBoundWolf

    Am I the only one who is on a Tux memory trip?

  13. Diako Unknown 12

    Grant thompson made the exact same death ray out of the same kind of tv

  14. Weakbow346 / WBYT IRE

    wtf why burn a million dollar bill FUN FACT:IM IRISH NOT AMERICAN

  15. Ian Townley

    0:57 we need a dispenser here!

  16. MrScrapy

    fighting fire with literal fire

  17. lee roy

    So many stupid people smh

  18. Videogamehero67

    WHY WOULD YOU BURN A 1,000,000 dollar bill?!?

  19. Jack Davenport

    Holy shit, I seriously hope that the people who are writing the comments about the million dollar bill are joking. If they aren't, dear fucking god. We are fucked as a species.

  20. If It Anit Broke Still Fix It

    not much use in the UK..!!

  21. Sergej Nadaždin

    you are a idiot. you burnt a million dollar bill!!!!

  22. Ned the muscle man flanders

    u sound like a fag

  23. Cyberdemon

    To all the idiots who are like "Why would you burn $1,000,000?"
    The money is FAKE

  24. Preet PARMAR

    1 MILLION DOLLARS WHY!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Collin

    Please Tell Me That Million Dollar Bill Was In fact Fake. Or I Will Cry.

  26. J.C. Jur

    That ray thing is really neat. Surprised you burned a million dollar bill. I think a 1 dollar bill could prove the point, but I'm not gonna tell a man how he should spend his money.

  27. ProbablyNotSuperGamer Boi

    1 milion dollar burn u stupid

  28. AbhiramR

    Watches TKOR video
    "Oh lemme steal it"
    TKOR: "He shoulda cooked a egg"

  29. LidlWifi

    Now that you've burnt that iPod, go and buy the top of the line Microsoft Zune!

  30. Alex Silbaugh

    Can I use this on my brothers?

  31. E.G. Ryan

    That was so awesome!!!

  32. Yu Lo

    i could melt a iPhone 6

  33. 10k subscribers with no videos


  34. No Username

    small loan of a million dollars

  35. Mike Cunningham

    why would you do that to that million dollar bill you know how much that was worth

  36. Furdawse muhibi

    he fucking idiot he burn 1 milion dollar

  37. Adhir Small


  38. Ahmed Mansour

    For the absolute idiots commenting,
    1. The money is NOT real! That was just some play money, he uses it in other videos too.
    2. Grant Thompson copied Kipkay not the other way around because this is 2009 and that was 2014.
    3. Stop with the poor African kids thing, please.
    4. If you said that he could've sold that iPod, at the time he made this it was like $5-$15

  39. joseph combes

    man mythbusters sucks.

  40. Jane C

    why would you burn a 1,000;000;000 dollers

  41. TheBluFalcon

    Solar Death Ray – Directed by Michael Bay

  42. Gabe the Very Hyped Dog

    The 1,000,000 was fake idiots

  43. Professor Lynx

    1'000'000 omg

  44. Connor Kerman

    dont burn that ipod it might be outdated but still

  45. Connor Kerman

    did you get this from king of random

  46. Joshua Ta

    D: RIP army men

  47. shivrajvishnu

    Why did you burn the remote? There are some cool things like capacitors and resistors inside!

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