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Sony A7 Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Sony A7 camera. This is the first full frame ILC (interchangeable lens camera). The CMOS sensor is the same size as other full frame …

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  1. is it me or every time she moves her hand there are stripes ?

  2. Does a7 have s-log2?

  3. Mike Hydropneumatic

    Getting into concert photography, what would be a better pick the A7 or the Fuji X-T10?

    The Sony is FF but the Fuji seems to AF better in low light.

  4. Specs aren't great on the kit lens, but it's often rated as the best kit lens you can buy. specs dont equal image quality. the 5d L kit lens is rated as average

  5. This video is being reuploaded by multiple other channels, just a heads up

  6. Dave Everett (DEverettPhoto)

    Don't bash the lens, Lisa.  I've been capturing outstanding images with it for almost a year!  Check out the DxO IQ comparison with the Zeiss 24-70.  It's light, weatherproof and sharp. Regarding lenses they each have a purpose and yes, this has to be a compromise by its nature as a kit lens. ISO takes care of lack of wide aperture, other than being good for throwing backgrounds out of focus, however many of the wider lenses aren't so good wide open.  Bottom line:  This is a solid, good lens.  Not spectacular, but still capable of realizing near 100% of the sensor quality. Zeiss workmanship, by comparison is not what it used to be (check the reviews), and they charge an obscene amount for displaying their logo on the side of the lens barrel.  If you are a pro, or independently wealthy, go for more expensive lenses, but for everyday use and great images, don't disparage this "kit" lens.

  7. Putting an nex lens on this defeats the object of this camera entirely. Great review as always. I'll stick to my a6000 thanks 

  8. please dont buy this to take pics of your kids, what a waste, send it to me instead

  9. you totally remind me of the teacher in the Tim and Eric Diarhea skit, is dat you? Same voice too!

  10. I’m buying my first DSLR after shooting film for many years (Nikon FM2), because they are more compact I’m leaning towards the Sony A7 or A7R, but its very confusing, I have seen a few youtube videos and on one hand the A7R has more megapixels and doesn’t have the low pass filter, on the other hand the A7 is faster focusing and has a better shutter but the images are not as sharp, do all DSLRs below 36 megapixels need a low pass filter, very confusing for a first time buyer. From what i see Sony only has two prime lenses (I don’t like zoom lenses), a 35mm and a 55mm, which brings me to another question, I understand the 35mm, its somewhere between a 28mm and a normal (50mm) lens, but why the 55mm? (why the extra 5mm), I was told at the Sony store (and I also heard it on youtube) that it’s the perfect portraiture lens, I always used a 105mm for that, is this because of the new digital technology? Now I see that Nikon (my favorite brand) is coming out with a new camera, the D750, does that one also have a low pass filter?

  11. Hi Lisa, My wife and I are seriously considering buying both of these cameras, one A7 and one A7R to replace our very aged Oly E620s. I entered the term "A7" into "You tubes" search field and started watching all the vids on these cameras as they appeared on the list. I would guess that this video is at least 30-40 vids down the list. It is hands down the best video on the A7 that I have seen so far, and the only one to add lens options to the equation. Simple, easy to understand and very informative. Kudos to you! keep up the good work :)

  12. Cheradenine Zakalwe

    Great review. Really covered the features in a thorough and objective manner. Always a pleasure to watch too.

  13. I like your smartphones reviews but, cameras seem like you don't have the full knowledge to talk about this !

  14. Prometheus Crystal

    Is this better than the a77?

  15. Lisa Thanks for the informative video review. Addicted to your reviews. Correction: there is no GPS module on the A7 series!

  16. I'm betting when Lisa said near the end of the review that it had "GPS and WiFi", she really meant "NFC and WiFi".  She was speaking in the context of battery life suckage, and NFC plus WiFi will certainly do the trick in that department.  Sadly it doesn't have GPS, and in a way, that's a good thing, because even without using NFC, GPS, WiFi, or any other extras, this thing makes audible slurping sounds as it sucks the battery dry in everyday shooting.

  17. Only AF adapters are pricey, MF adapters for these are dirt cheap. I have a NEX5N and a couple of old Minolta MD lenses (one of them is a lovely little f1.7 50mm prime). The adapter cost me 8$ and it works like a charm… I'm now mostly using that old prime rather then the kit lens – and it cost me absolutely nothing; that prime sells for about 30$ on ebay.

  18. What GPS??! Where do I turn that on??

  19. I want to know when are cell phone cameras going to be getting 24MP or 30MP and I mean android phones only not windows phones. 

  20. Malik Shahid Farooq aWaN

    Wow, a great piece of tec

  21. Jorge Mario Bolaños Calvache

    I use this camera with Canon FD lenses and is very good, this camera is easier to use and easier to focus manually than a Canon film camera

  22. Hello . Lisa your work is very good. But by the way when u show the a65 with the 50mm lens. the sony a mount lens with DT on it are for for crop sensors not full frame. I have a sony a99 and a sony nex vg30 emount so I share my lens with an adapter

  23. Hi Lisa, love your reviews. But you made a mistake when you say the a7 has GPS. It doesn't. 

  24. Can't believe she's doing camera reviews. Like a dream come true. Love your videos Lisa!!!!!! 

  25. i like em1 than a7, hope Lisa can do a review about em1

  26. A7R with 55 1.8 Zeiss, absolutely stunning pair…

  27. This is the Best review of this cam available right now ! =)

  28. Sony is lacking coherence and cohesiveness. It comes up with a new camera-concept every few years expecting photographers to scrap their "old" gear and jump ship to the latest newfangled technical achievement.
    Remember the not so long gone classical DSLRs (Minolta heritage) … they got displaced by semitransparent-mirror cameras and last year Sony bestowed us with mirror-less cameras.
    That's a disruptive product strategy that actually has a deterring effect on me.
    Nikon and Canon have their more expensive cameras geared towards discerning and discriminating users who are bent to purchase into gradual evolution and not disruptive revolution.
    Sony currently is pursuing a consumer electronics product lifecycle which is in stark contrast to the needs and aspirations of enthusiast photographers who are willing to fork out a couple of thousand $ to buy into a system (camera, lenses, speedlights, accessories).
    If Sony wants to grain traction in the enthusiast/semi-pro segment it has to become a reliable partner exhibiting a foreseeable product strategy. 

  29. I have no idea what you're talking about Lisa, but I can't turn off you reviews. It makes me want to buy a proper camera rather than using my Samsung Galaxy Note 2; which incidentally takes awful pictures.

  30. Bryan Covarrubias

    Can I join the MobileTechReview team to help you with these videos? 

  31. Seconde, rsrs…

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