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Sony DSC H300 Camera Review!

A point to shoot camera that is worth it. Thanks for watching! Like, share, and subscribe if you are new. Sony DSC H300: …

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  1. does it have an audio jack for a better mic

  2. Can anyone tell me the lens diameter?

  3. and another thing, are batteries included?

  4. Does it have any built in storage?

  5. I just got the camera for Christmas and this video really helped! Thanks!

  6. Thank you so much for this review I really needed it 😂😂

  7. whats the diffrence with Sony DSC h300 And 300b

  8. so I have the same one and I am a vlogger how do I focus it while recording because it's real bad at refocusing

  9. hey, Chris ik this video has been out for a while but i found this camera on sale at a store close to my house im wanting to start a youtube channel with vlogs and other odds and ends this camera is on sale for $179 USD is this a good vlogging camera or should i save my money and look for other options…?

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    tech master. is me hehe

  11. TechBaron, Cameras and more!

    got one today

  12. I want this camera so bad but what keeps me from buying it, it's that it has no charger

  13. In Sony H300 Lens can be changed or not.

  14. I have the same camera, I'm pleased with it.

  15. at least i dont see any sensor noise

  16. i just started photography and i got this camera (DSC H300) as a beginner camera and it honestly is an amazing camera and i only have one problem with the video it doesn't take good videos but nonetheless an amazing camera good review

  17. Would you recommend this camera for vlogs and soccer videos?

  18. does it have time lapse feature.. and slow motion and night mode

  19. Hi! This looked like a fine camera, but does it have manual focusing? I ask because what I wanna do with it basically requires manual focus.

  20. Hey man, I'm a complete noob to cameras, i want a decent cam to do my YouTube review videos with, I started out with just my phone but decided I need a proper camera for it but don't want to spend too much just yet. Is this any good for youtube videos? Also can I use a lavalier mic using a micro usb to 3.5mm with this as I already have one of those. Thanks in advance 👍

  21. can you upload pics from that camera to Instagram?

  22. hey man great video. can i ask what the intro track was?

  23. Hey! I have this camara, I want to make a video using the manual focus, do you now if it is possible? Cuz it appears a small icon on the right bottom that says it can´t. Do you know ir I can endeble this video manual focus?

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  25. Can you take time lapses with it

  26. i need a new camera for my photography business would you recommend this

  27. What camera were you using to film this?

  28. Is it rechargeable

  29. Is this better than my note 5 camera?

  30. Hi !:) i have this camera im wondering for instagram pictures what settings should i have it in im really confused about the settings please help thankyou and great video😊😊

  31. Really well done. We need to collab sometime.

  32. مستقبل حرية

    what is the music name in 2:37

  33. Which setting of taking pictures do you recommend for taking pictures with good light

  34. 1080p?

  35. Does it record?

  36. Omg this video actually helped me figure out what's wrong with my h300!

  37. hey I have a question which would be better for just taking pics, this camera or samsung s7. Do cameras like this have a place when phones like the s7 exist?

  38. Compare this to cannon powershot sx410 is – which one is better?

  39. what camera did you use filming the video?

  40. Hi Chris! do you think I could get away with recording my YT videos with this or should I just use it taking pics for my blog if I were to make this purchase?

  41. Can you change the dof/AV?

  42. Great review of it thanks😁

  43. 1000 views!

  44. FeelsBadMan

  45. I use my backpack as my camera bag😂😂

  46. Dope vid dude, I mess with the song at the end 😂

  47. You should do more camera reviews

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