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Stink Bomb Revenge!

Wanna get revenge? Make a nasty stink bomb with a surprise ending!

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  1. your cat look like mine

  2. A rank smell?

  3. that aint right man

  4. Kristoffer Kjellin

    Great for messing with a cheating girlfriend, and whoever she might cheating with 😉

  5. The quality doe

  6. Can the sparkler be replaced with matches?


  8. Kip's kittycats make me happy.

  9. If you're reading This you'll die in 3 2 1

    Don't put too Much sparkler powder in it tho it'l explode

  10. I think it might stun your enemy if u light and throw a stink smoke bomb.

  11. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  12. NinjaRaylue Kitsuken

    Or u could spray liquid ass on the guy

  13. Burning rubber can give off harmful fumes, so I don't think that's safe.

  14. NUBE TOOBERS luke fred

    i think kipkay is very smart and good with pranks

  15. Cool

  16. Not for indoor use😳😁

  17. This is pretty Funny, but very toxic, and because of the fire involved, it is potentially very dangerous and you could get into some serious trouble with this stink bomb recipe…..  If the fire catches something else on fire, you could be charged with arson, as well as a few other charges…   To stay on the safe side, just get the stink bombs that come in little vials, that once broken will emit a horrible smell, without all of the dangerous toxic gases, and also without any fire….  They smell bad but are harmless.  You can buy those on Ebay, etc, and you have much less chance of getting into trouble…. Stay safe !

  18. {MLP} Rainbow Dash

    Add this to an RC plane or quadcopter and add a remote detonator so you can light the fuse when you reach your target.


  20. Why does kipkay have ads at the start of his videos all the time

  21. Yeah, clean the pussy.

  22. I wil make this

  23. or u can just fart near the person u dont like 

  24. I ALMOST DIED!!!

  25. Dog hair.

  26. Making that if only I could get sparklers in this poxy country

  27. Just use tape

  28. Epiccatsandkittens

    you can use this for ding dong ditching


  30. Do you have to use broccoli rubber bands, or can you just use regular rubber bands?

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