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Sygic GPS Navigation for Windows 10 (universal app)

We have a sneak peek at a new universal app coming to Windows Phone and Windows PCs: Sygic GPS Navigation. Even better? It’s in open beta so you can download and try it yourself. No time? Watch our hands-on video to see how it all works!

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  1. I believe the Lumia has downgraded to less performing satellites because in the past 2 years or so the GPS navigation has become glitchy and very inaccurate. Even updating the software and the maps doesn't help. Surely because Windows doesn't make Lumia phones any more, they don't want to pay too much to have a quality GPS reception from the satellites.

  2. where do i find the map files on windows 10 ?

  3. hi, i do have a question. Can u for example with a windows tablet , like a gps car use it ? because u have this from nokia , nokia here we go for driving , and it.s free.

  4. Found the voice instructions work when not connected to the bluetooth in the car but don't work when the phone is connected to bluetooth . Anyone know why ?.

  5. I bought Sygic UWP – 10 months before, and after I changed my Lumia Device must buy this app again.
    I wrote several requests to support but don`t receive
    answer till today.
    And not any help from Microsoft too.

  6. nokia lumia which was that phone

  7. in W8.1 the GPS can active in flight mode,
    why after i update my L540 to W10, the GPS need data conection..??
    i need the GPS in my phone when i hiking.

  8. Does it have a walking navigation with voice similar to Google Maps?

  9. where is the 3D. i got the same issue on the mobile ! any suggestion. thx

  10. Will you be able to customize routes like Google Maps would allow you to?
    Also, when will it be released?

  11. Here maps better. because sygic isn`t free)))

  12. You're brave, balancing it on a stone wall outside…

  13. its better Here Maps from Nokia.

  14. Our homebrew Slovak product. Nice to see it featured regularly here on WCentral.

  15. what car do u have?

  16. Saijack?

  17. sooo niiice i love it

  18. Not ready! This app is incomplete and gave me bad directions when HERE Maps was able to successfully give me correct directions.

  19. the graphic looks like its a map for a game xD not bad

  20. it can view live may near by me in 3 d view of any cities or village of country

  21. Nice app, looking to get Lumia 950 XL as soon as it comes for preorder.

  22. Such a big company like microsoft should build their own custom mobile chip… Just like apple.. Even Samsung does..!! Y do they depend on qualcomm..!!🤔😑

  23. Wasn't nervous at all with that thing next to the ledge…
    Great app! Love the design and usability!

  24. Wow those graphics though.. Nice!!!

  25. it's not available in my region. I have to stay on here drive. Any ways I have always loved WP offline maps features. That's how I make my Android and apple 🍎 users friend jealous.

  26. Is it can be used Offline ?

  27. nice sweater man

  28. Does it have offline support

  29. Does it hand voice-guided navigation whilst walking?

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