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Scientific Tuesdays – Melting Styrofoam with Polish Remover? WTF!?

Get the shirts: http://bit.ly/scishirts In this episode of Scientific Tuesday we take some Acetone (Nail Polish Remover) and see what happens when it makes contact with a Styrofoam cup. The results will melt you where you stand. Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/householdhacker Stalk on Facebook: http://facebook.com/HackThePlanet Music by: 1-2-3 Blast On! ...

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Stink Bomb Revenge!

Wanna get revenge? Make a nasty stink bomb with a surprise ending! Check out my other vids: http://www.youtube.com/Kipkay Laser Videos: http://bit.ly/KipkayLaserVideos Easy Projects: http://bit.ly/KipkayEasyProjects Pranks & Jokes: http://bit.ly/KipkayPranks Hacks & Mods: http://bit.ly/KipkayHacks Spy Gadgets & Devices: http://bit.ly/KipkaySpy Explosions & Loud Things: http://bit.ly/KipkayExplosions

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Tripwire Bang Alarm!

Paintball, Airsoft or home protection…this Tripwire Bang Alarm will do the trick! Don’t miss my next video! It REALLY packs a punch! Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=kipkay ►Laser Videos: http://bit.ly/KipkayLaserVideos ►Easy Projects: http://bit.ly/KipkayEasyProjects ►Pranks & Jokes: http://bit.ly/KipkayPranks ►Hacks & Mods: http://bit.ly/KipkayHacks ►Spy Gadgets & Devices: http://bit.ly/KipkaySpy ►Explosions & Loud Things: http://bit.ly/KipkayExplosions Thanks to: ...

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