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Take 1080P Video To Use Ordro Z20 Wi-Fi Digital Video Camera!

Find out more: https://goo.gl/QDXdmf Product Name: Ordro Z20 Wi-Fi Digital Video Camera – 1/4 Inch 8MP CMOS Sensor, 1080p Video, 24 MP Photos, 16x …

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  1. are you sure you can remove the date from the recording? because i can't… please help me

  2. Does this have a headphone jack?

  3. Does it only take a 64GB SD Card or can you also put a 32GB SD Card too?

  4. Also, how wide is the lens? Are there threads for a filter

  5. Can you charge this via USB?

  6. Flower Productions Ltd

    How do you remove the date and time from the video? The manual only informs me how to remove the time from photos

  7. nice production

  8. KchannelTHAI youtube

    Can i disable the date and time in the video?

  9. I bought one of these, and i was wondering if you could explain to me how to focus the camera please

  10. 赤外線は使えますか?

  11. Can I record in stereo if I plug a stereo microphone into camera or will it only record the sound in mono

  12. Is it really so good?

  13. how about low light vision?can I connect it with mix to take the sound from there in live gigs?
    thank you

  14. Can i put an External Microphone to this camera?

  15. Your You Tube has convinced me to purchase! Well Done.

  16. I love you, 1080P Video

  17. can it stream video to PC?? directly either rtsp or ??

  18. very good picture quality

  19. Mohammad Sami Qureshi

    wow great video quality

  20. greattttt

  21. very good

  22. awesome

  23. can we cooperate ?

  24. Looks good!

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