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The $250 Gaming Laptop; A Low-end gamer’s dream

When talking about gaming laptops people seem to forget that not everybody owns the united states gold reserves and is capable of spending 3 thousand …

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plays on his moms laptop


  1. my laptop is a lenovo g50 70

  2. I want an Alienware 15, is it the best gaming laptop cause I've never played a game smoothly on computers in my life

  3. Can it run GTA v

  4. TheGhostlyGamer115_

    Hey. I'd like have an average (gaming) laptop. I'm not a huge or heavy PC gamer so building a very expensive set would be unnecessary. So do people have opinion on which laptops I could use that at least below 600 dollars?

  5. i think it's better to look for sub $400 used laptops on eBay with a gt755m, gt840m, gt940m and sometimes gtx850m

    i picked up a 850m N550JK for $270, runs almost like a 960m with my overclock not to mention substantially better build quality, it's better to be patient imo

  6. Lenovo value for money 10/10

  7. JellyDrive PeanutDisk

    you should check out the exp gdc external gpu dock, it uses mobile pcie (aka what the wifi card uses) and cables it to the dock to utilize a full pci-e 16 slot for anything, might be a good idea to see how it can work :D


  9. how well will it run overwatch?

  10. Could this run overwatch on low settings

  11. Rewind - CSGO & More!

    Can this laptop run CSGO?

  12. this is so odd becasue this is the same kind of laptop im useing right now has my day to day computer

  13. Dont use shit games…… can it run gmod, sc go, anything better than those old games

  14. Will csgo work

  15. how does this pc work with just cause 2 and 3

  16. I have this laptop, and it's really good. Totally recommend buying it.

  17. whats are the specs on the cat?

  18. Meh, I've seen lower frames.

  19. i looked on amazon it was 300 somethin for a new one and…

    283 for a used

  20. Someplz respond tell can u play overwatch on your comeputer

  21. ModernComPuterLabs.

    Why do you sound like a homosexual?

  22. We're did u buy this I'm lap top noob and I wanna play like counter strike and another fps plus like hack my high or other stuff

  23. shashredz de picasso

    HAHahahaha. U so funny brah :D

  24. I have a Lenovo G50-70 and it works fairly good with smaller games like league of legends, minecraft, etc.

  25. There is no such thing as a $250 "gaming" laptop. Good gaming laptops start at $800 USD and rise, buy anything less than that and you will be disappointed.

  26. 250 dolarrrs

  27. can it run world of warships?

  28. I have this computer and when I play Fallout 4 it goes 1 FPS and it's at the lowest settings

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