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The Bacon Smoke Screen

Let’s turn bacon into the world’s most delicious smoke generating apparatus and pay homage to EpicMealTime.

Most of us know that bacon is one of life’s most magical treats. But did you know that the grease produced from cooking bacon will actually work as an excellent fuel for a smoke screen? One delicious smoke screen, that is.

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  1. Bahrg Smith

    Lol, forget to mention an ingredient …..

  2. vashon ward

    More like a flare but ok

  3. Zemmy

    An effective smoke screen if you're 3 feet tall and fire-proof

  4. Ōkami Dreemurr

    Anything looks better than that.

  5. Savanna Castaneda

    congrats you made a firework
    something better than bacon grease is starbux coffee

  6. wompaper

    This is not even close to "a lot of smoke"…

  7. Adolf Eichmann

    this is from Burn Notice

  8. autumn Taylor


  9. Melissa Yanes

    I know something better than bacon


  10. The Terrarian Gamer

    o i thouth u were wastin bacon

  11. The Terrarian Gamer

    why why do you whaste DELISHUS BACON

  12. Emmanuel Zelaya

    I know something better than bacon grease, PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😊☺☺☺😊😆😆😆😀😀😁😂😃😂😃😄😅👍👍👏👏👌✌🐶

  13. Charles Lesser

    That is definitely not bacon

  14. Aviko

    it isn't real

  15. Ellie McGavin

    I've got somthing waaaaaaaaaay better than bacon greese… I've got J2O

  16. Ian McCormick

    This does not work, I tried it

  17. tambourini

    When I saw the vid title I was hoping to learn how to make a screen that filters out bacon cooking odours.  Bummer!

  18. Roondar Murnig

    Man, I'd love to live next door to this guy….

  19. Joshua Bliffen

    Nice kno3 bro

  20. Glacie

    /lol no harmed bacon

  21. GoProVideos

    I have a bunch of grease. Sub to me. I'll make a video of me burning it.

  22. Lewis Long

    0:25 epic meal time

  23. Dave Camacho

    yummy yet awesome 

  24. supercyberfunk

    I saw something like this on an episode of "Burn Notice".  You should've lit that during the day.  The smoke would've shown up better.

  25. airdragon50


  26. Nathan Healy

    thats a mix of potassium nitrate and sugar, this video is fake

  27. Frank B

    Funny, the image for my badge is a bacon fat candle.. it burned for 12 hours, no smoke or sparks..

  28. Justin Toft

    The word of the day is WOW!!!

  29. Damaun Robinson

    Wast up with the eyes

  30. DEZ Z.

    does it smell like bacon

  31. TheJoshLife

    Did anyone notice that he just burnt up a train track?


    No comments!

  33. asaad bhimani

    anyone watched burn notice they used this on season 6 episode 6 only better and they used beer cans

  34. Melanie Conn


  35. python9500

    ITS A FIREWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. thegiantcupcake100

    Bacon strips!!!!

  37. Captain Chupacabra

    Question ! Will this work with chicken skin fat?

  38. Hess Dominguez

    Just use lard

  39. ben ten

    what no bacon was harmed didn't you ate it and killed it?

  40. reverend smith

    Now the railroad in your neck of the woods knows who's been setting their rail ties on fire. That'll get you a life sentence for domestic terror.

  41. Xander Veasey

    its cool but becouse of the flimsy container it seems more like an instant fire starter. also try adding a lil bakingsoda it will add more smoke and less flame so that its not as noticeable

  42. TheEpiCool


  43. Sarah Hounsell

    Epic meal time! 😄😋

  44. david henry

    Anything is better!!!!!!!

  45. ThePowerfulGameman

    Hehe.. Household Meal Time… EpicHacker

  46. A. Zak

    Looks more like potassium nitrate and sugar. The purple flame makes me think of potassium.

  47. Gwen Clark

    Mmmm…. Bacon…

  48. jake horner

    did you do that on a train trak or is it just me

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