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The Best Android Tablet EVER!!

Welcome to my Top Best Value Android Gaming Tablet from 2016-2017! Clarification: The Tablet alone does not come with the controller, stylus or charger, they …

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  1. Good tablet indeed.. unfortunately too expensive in EU..

  2. That's the older model, the newer one doesn't have an integral stylus; the newer model's display panel is still compatible, but you have to buy the stylus separately & get a case with a secure place to keep it, lest you risk misplacing it.

  3. 1920×1200 and both the front AND rear cameras are 5MP which is especially amazing for the front camera, since it was meant for Twitch (or whatever) live streaming.

    I've had my Shield for a couple years now and still adore it. There is literally nothing available I'd dream of replacing it with.

  4. I luv my shield!

  5. make a review on redmi devices.like the mi mix.

  6. James Parkes Hamilton

    can I send me the names of the first two games

  7. I was considering this Tablet back when it was released coming from the old Nexus & I loved the tegra chips they had in them. Now I rock the Asus Zen Pad S 8.0, I mostly use it for my digital art on the go, its awesome :)

  8. Team Mojang - MCPE

    yes I'm actually thinking about getting this tablet it's really nice!

  9. I've had this tablet for over a year now. While its gaming power is truly impressive, normal usage can feel sluggish and unresponsive at times.

  10. Боря Дюпон

    For the price you've got plenty of better tablets that came out a year ago or more…

  11. This feels like an infomercial.

  12. There is no stylus on the US version on sale now. Yes , I have used tablets for years. iPads mainly, for their quality and reliability. I have owned more Android devices, but they die fast. My experience with Lenovo Tab 2's: One lasted 1 day its replacement, 2weeks, its replacement, 3weeks, and the last one, 3 and one half weeks. Two Samsungs, first one DOA, the second one died after six months. My first generation iPad mini is still working fine, although 9.3.5 makes it so slow you would think it's running Windows! I'm gun shy to buy another Android tablet, though I would love to have something that would run KODI.

  13. I needCAD! Where the fuck are the CAD?! programs

  14. hope there comes a refresh

  15. If you make a video, the least thing you can do is get your facts right.


    This is just pathetic…

  16. the Nintendo switch is the next generation of the nvidia shield.

  17. If i were u i would have put the acer predator tablet instead of the nvidia shield tablet

  18. Actually a joke that google brought out the Pixel C rather than refreshing the Nexus 7. The android tablet market is dead because OEMs (besides samsung) just stopped trying to make better tablets

  19. I'm sure the screen is 1920×1200 not 1080.

  20. I've had this tablet for four months now. :D

  21. can you giveaway this tablet pls

  22. Looks like a good tablet but doesnt the galaxy tab s 8.4 have the best tablet screen?

  23. at the point in which a device can no longer fit in a average pocket your always better off chosing a laptop because a laptop will last longer. even ye olde laptops made in 2001 can use the latest ubuntu. you can't say the same for tegra 3 tablets which are stuck on android 4.4 .

  24. This isn't the Shield K1 but the original Shield tablet. The Shield K1 doesn't come with a built-in stylus or include an AC charger.

    I'm still waiting for the 3rd gen Nexus 7 that was rumored to come out this year but I guess that is no longer happening.

  25. whats the intro song? plz someone tell me im dying to know it i love it plz tell me

  26. This gives me hope for the Nintendo Switch.

  27. DarkisTheMaster // DarkisTM

    Guys some one please answer is this better than the iPad Pro speed wise is the iPad Pro faster than this device?????!!! I thought this device that I bought might not be the most speediest tablet plz answer

  28. i got this tablet partially because of this review :3 thanks :D

  29. Arun, which one is better, nvidia shield k1 or acer predator 8, I don't know which one to buy.

  30. windows 10 is future for tablets in my opinion

  31. Bastiaan van Oorde

    The build quality is horrible on these and they are very fragile. Mine is falling apart, in less than a year, the speakers are covered by some stick on grills that come undone, the plastic around the buttons crack and the screen scratches super easily (mine is the K1 version so the current one). This was my first and last Android tablet I'm going back to the iPad. Love Android on the phone but on tablet it's just not as good as iOS.

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