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The Gadget Show – Best Windows Phone 8 Games

For all you owners of a brand new Windows Phone 8 handset we take a look at the games that you just have to download! Download all the apps here http://gadgetshow.channel5.com/gadget-show/blog/best-windows-phone-8-games

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  1. Indeed, but none of them will exactly have serious games on them. Unless it's like, Chess or something.

  2. Jonathan Skaggs

    dude there is room for all kinds of mobile os's

  3. >Android/iOS

    >Serious gaming

    I lol'd

  4. Try Zombie Smasher

  5. Can you use Microsoft points to download games

  6. *facepalm* i thought you….nvm

  7. from the marketplace duh ?

  8. wp8? from where?

  9. you can download free games and apps on IOS, Android and Windows phone 8.

  10. Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT> Android> IOS

  11. redneck

  12. is there a black market or something like taht…? to download freee apps rather paying ….
    like android

  13. I just discovered this awesome game on wp8 ! y'all have to try it its called flipit and guesit

  14. Vlad the Manpire

    oh and i also want othe possibilities to pay for the apps…

  15. Vlad the Manpire

    well the amount of apps is rapidly increasing even faster than booth combinied but the apps are mostly crap i hope developers see that this basiclly is the best mobile os!

  16. Last time I checked 3ds and vita are for games and wp8 is for everything else , wp8 is way better than ios and android

  17. @badboymino There are plenty… I don't know why they haven't shown any -_-

  18. It piss me of that Nokia dont make mobiles with Android 🙁

  19. Wow this is sad…is like they are stuck in time. This is so far from Android and Crapple that is not even funny.

  20. iPhone 5 & Android will still be way ahead of Windows Phones, Windows is always late to the game.

  21. id reckon the best game is wordament

  22. they have just started porting….they will come !!!

  23. ko bļe? man viss normāli strādā un visu rāda. Kas tev uzrādas?

  24. you **** i cant watch the most videos cuz i live in LATVIA!!!!!!

  25. Main reason I sold my Lumia 920, the OS might look good and the phone can be as durable as you like, but with no apps or games, it's the most boring OS around, second only to Blackberry, BB10 will probably fall in the same trap!

  26. All casual games. Nothing graphically intensive like the serious games on android/ios

  27. Doesnt seem like a great line-up…

  28. but the android /ios games are going to be for wp8? like dead trigger or other 🙂

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