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The iPhone’s awful ancestor – Worst Gadgets Ever 004

Contrary to popular belief, Apple wasn’t a total newcomer to the mobile-phone world before it struck gold with its halo smartphone line in 2007. Over a year …

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  1. i miss the hello moto song LOL

  2. the only bad thing of this phone is that theres no games,i have a iPod Classic 5th and it has games,the rest is ok

  3. Do the Nokia N-Gage.

  4. to much compromise… nearly 4 years later and Apple is going the moto route slowly but steadily

  5. I absolutely love this phone. I even bought the sequel. The speakers were amazing.

  6. well hello moto 2016 now has a new smart phone plus best phone is Samsung galxy s7 edge with the edge on better camera than iPhone 7 and power :/

  7. itunes is flawed, period

  8. 4:30 Is that a Screen Protector??

  9. I ever have motorola rokr E2, sony Ericsson Walkman, and Nokia Xpress Music. Nokia & Sony Ericsson = Symbian. Motorola = Linux + iTunes. The first iTunes only for music. And in 2008 iTunes has been transform to be a store apps. But the point is..? Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola is the great great great phones/smartphones ever and forever. :'-( :'-( i miss them

  10. Christoph Nutsford

    apple released a phone way earlier than this around the early 90's

  11. dis is da REAL Iphone 1G

  12. Still a better phone than the iPhone 7 lol

  13. I used that phone for 2 years. Bloody 3.2mm

  14. Aww cmon Michael fisher. Despite how Apple presented it you must remember full screen touch screen smart phones had already existed for almost a decade prior to the iPhone. Capacitive touch was ripening at the time everyone say that it would eventually replace resistance screens. The LG Prada had already begun the transition from resistance touch to Capacitive touch. If Apple didn't have literally anything else going on and so we're poised to put all their efforts into heading off technology at the curve someone else would have done it within the year for sure. It's just tiring hearing all these lips smacking apples ass all the time as if without them we wouldn't have had technology at all

  15. Christopher McCord

    I had a "Red" Razor, but before that I had a tiny Kyocera Slider, that looked like this Motorola phone. But, it was in the shape of an egg!

  16. Seeing this, I subscribed, awesome throwback video.

  17. charles pierre lim

    good phone at the time. moto rokr

  18. Ah come fucking on. This is just an older phone! And it's really good for a phone back in the 00's. You're just describing it as a really bad smartphone. Were you guys born when the phone came out or something?

  19. Well you've got to give it credit. At least it had a headphone jack.

  20. Holy crap, I used to have one of these, it wasn't the Apple one but it was the one made a year earlier.

  21. A classmate had one of those, but he used a theme who made the iTunes looks like the Sony walkman apperience. I kinda liked that phone, but for the same time I had the moto L6, who was kinda better, it couldnt Play music but it was a cool phone

  22. Ale Calderón Leal

    That was my first phone, it was good

  23. Wow! I had a Palm Treo 650 at the time. That was a powerhouse super smart phone compared to this. (Tin foil hat alert: Maybe this was Apples way of trying to damage Motorola's good name, Given the Razr and the coming (superior to iPhone) Droid….Ok Tin foil hats off now…

  24. Adrián Alcón Żurawka

    hey, if you like retro cell phones like this, you should have a look into my channel 😉 regards

  25. Motorola had 2 other iTunes versions phones Razr V3i and SLVR L7i

  26. this phone was absolute garbage. it felt good when i first got my xperia x1 i smashed this thing.

  27. It seems Apple was just playing Motorola haha

  28. I had a Motorola slivr. it was a good phone for secretly texting in class. but the it did really piss me off that it only held 100 songs.

  29. But there was an IPhone 3. Tf?!?

  30. You see that's why apple dont get their software on any company products now

  31. Hope you can make throwback videos again like this.

  32. I feel surprised anyone ever used anything other than a Nokia in the pre-smartphone era. Everything else was just plain bad.

  33. That hello moto ringtone took me baaaaaaaaaaaack. A little too back.

  34. do they sell it now

  35. I miss Michael Fisher.

  36. I used to own a Motorola Silver L7 (or at least I pronounced it silver instead of sliver) and I loved it. It had that look and feel. it was thin (maybe it was sliver after all) had a metal body, expandable up to 1gb, blue backlight on a black keypad, and I just loaded it with games. but it had no 3g and no front camera.

  37. You guys are so lazy. Ending the series without telling your followers why.

  38. had one …………………sold it 2 weeks later
    bought a MDA compact (windows 3.5 smartphone)

  39. Why do you have such a sweaty raging erection for Apple?

  40. Для тих років мабуть буд дуже добрим телефоном!)
    Але зараз я навіть не знаю хто ним буде користуватись

  41. Buttons are a client gold. I miss that hello moto sound too. ,:'(

  42. did anyone know what is the built games on this phone

  43. Loads of people had these when I was at school lol

  44. I had the RAZR iTunes phone. It was better than this, but not by much.

  45. General Valentine Max. Zwe - De Sierlijk Valkyrie

    The intro of the video will always be relevant.

    – The Innovator,
    – The Underrated/Underground (made good phones, but not really popular with the mass),
    – The endless iterations with slight improvements,
    – The screw-ups.

  46. hahaa holly shit , i use to rock this phone at school, actually… it wasnt that bad for me , mine worked just fine the itunes playback was alright i guess, but from then to now… Goes to show how much shit has changed and im writing this with an Iphone 6 Plus… ahh good old days LMAO.

  47. anyone know the music used at the beginning of the video?

  48. One of the Razrs had iTunes built in. Was it the V3i? Someone back me up. But I have seen it.

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