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Ticwatch 2 Review | Will this be your first smartwatch?

Full review and ratings: https://goo.gl/MKYiKJ With an affordable price, is the Ticwatch 2 different enough to stand out in a sea of smartwatches that are becoming …

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  1. Mr2pint

    My Android ware experience was a disaster – this however looks interesting the gear s 3 is also a robust option

  2. PiterStreak

    meh, I still like he zenwatch 3 better. looks fancier. Have had it for 3 days and the amount of compliments I have received on it has been over 9000

  3. Tobias F

    Pebble! </3

  4. robs EA

    what camera did you use on the video ? pls anyone can tell me

  5. Md Habib

    I want to buy a smartphone for photography. My budget is 250$-300$. Which one should be the best camera smartphone in this budget? Please suggest me.

  6. SeenCreaTive

    I just want a long lasting, small, light waterproof notifier, that I can respond with voice and a few other things…. Like my Pebble Time… I have 0 interest in tracking health, and near the end of Pebble they kept shoving fitness tracking in my face (still does it actually even with fitness off). If the Tic watch had just a normal LCD like a gameboy or a Pebble, it would be perfect I think… maybe it would help the battery

  7. Jonathan Bounkers

    I updated my ticwatch to beta and i noticed the battery drain is less then before and I can get a whole day out of it finally.

  8. Thomy Duong

    the thickness is something to get used to huh.

  9. Robin Markowitz

    I wear a Pebble Time. It's only a year old and has full functionality, night and day. I use Sleep As Android and need my Pebble. SaA does not need a cloud connection: it uses Bluetooth. I also use a bunch of cloud-free fitness apps that are wonderful. I later log a walk, ride, or jog to my fitness app on my phone. No cloud necessary. I think my Pebble Time will be just fine until the battery goes out. By that time, they are sure to come up with something superior to the ticwatch. Everyone is in an unnecessary panic mode. Pebble is still working just fine. And there is NO substitute at this time.

  10. Joel Wallington

    The button is on the wrong side! Will not buy.

  11. Brian Bailey

    how bout for us lefties? can the watch be flipped so the tickle part can be used with my left pointer instead of having to use my thumb?

  12. martin mystere

    high price+shit battery…. you already know you dont want this. better go with moto 360 1st gen

  13. Franzcastle Gomez

    Wow its so cheap that i have to stop eating thrice a day to buy this.
    I'm at the 8th grade and has a gw-2310 gshock and i'am looking for a affordable silver watch, what do you recommend?

  14. SaimonVcp

    if only someone finds a way to increate battery life 5-10 times on smartwatches, or maybe something like ecodrive from citizen,i would consider it

  15. deamondeathstone1

    No it won't, since I'm on my third smartwatch .

  16. surfie007

    Used to 'tickle' through the interface 😙

  17. Carlos Medina (AstroGames)

    Interest was highly diminished when it was mentioned it wasn't an android wear watch. Interest was then completely killed when the battery life was revealed.

  18. JesusSavedJoshua

    too expensive…pass.

  19. Danny hull

    I got the samsung gear s2 refurbished on Amazon for 129. And loving it

  20. Lelouch Lamperouge

    Can u do a Review Of HP Pavilion 15 AU113tx Budget Gaming LapTop in this planet?

  21. adrianL9

    i think i know the answer already
    but is this compatible with the iphones?? i really dislike the apple watch 🙁 and this one kicks butt

  22. jbbronxfl

    I have the Ticwatch2 and used to get a little more than a day of battery life but after the last update (have received 2 in less than a month of ownership) Battery life has improved to 2 full days easy. My last charge lasted 2.5 days. I will say that the app store is non-existent so you will have to be OK with the standard apps that come with the watch which as the review states provide the basics.

  23. michael_mu

    what're the odds. I was just looking at this watch!!

  24. Scott Norton

    this is Josh Vegas

  25. PCMasterRace

    I got my Gear S3 for $249.

  26. kendokaaa

    It looks so fat

  27. Ovi Wan Kenobi

    My first one was the Huawei Watch. Still wearing it; still awesome.

    Just under 2 days of battery life, OLED screen is sharp and bright, design is luxurious, especially with the milanese band, and it's built with cold rolled steel and sapphire crystal. I have not found one to replace it yet. It even has a decent speaker and 8Gb of memory to play music off of it. it auto-sinks with your Play Music thumbs up list. 🙂

    Next thing I want is 3.5-4 days of battery and GSM connectivity.

  28. Max Pfaff

    I got a Gear S3 Frontier, and love it! lol

  29. Colton Mandell

    Battery life has been great for me, were you on the latest software build? I've been rocking mine for about a month now, with the ambient display on, screen brightness pretty high, vibration motor set to strong, and notifications coming in very regularly and I've never had the watch not last me a full day. It lasts me about 1.5 days regularly and I could stretch it to two with power saving mode enabled.

  30. Manol Chalakov

    WHY it's running full Android when there is Android Wear?!

  31. Robin Jamieson

    I have the Onyx version and the battery last almost two working days. it may not have all the thrills of other android wear watches but it works well for me.

  32. Artturi Siven

    This vs samsung gear s2?

  33. bassjunk3

    what are you on about there are better smart watches way below this 200 dollar in fact you can get them for around 60 dollars…

  34. pengwaffe

    still loving my moto 360 2nd gen, waiting for that 2.0 update

  35. lesleydkldk

    Am I the only one thinking smartwatches aren't worth it and give a weird asocial vibe?

  36. Cathal McQ

    I think the criticism of the battery life is a bit harsh, I get 2 days out of mine with alot of notifications every day. I also use ambient mode throughout the day and turn on power saver whilst in bed.

  37. freddywayne

    They need to put Android Wear 2.0 on this watch and I'll buy it in a heartbeat.

  38. GexMob

    Tic Watch 2 VS Gear S3
    which one is better?

  39. BubelmoVerified

    This is my favorite smartwatch

  40. Wassim Dayoub

    I'm sure Fitbit will be buying the company out in 3…2….1…

  41. exwhyz33

    nope, not thin enough & not cheap enough.

  42. Gavin Bowd

    JVtechtea…..??? Oh you mean Joshua Vegas

  43. Ethan Education

    The real question is "Will it be my second smartwatch?" I want Pebble back.

  44. Hugo Bustamante


  45. SuntzuMocro

    his intonation is so fake.

  46. Bengalsfan9595

    A watch with the "crown" on the left? Lefties rejoice!

  47. Wasim Rahman

    Smartwatches haven't ticked for me yet. I'd still rather wear designer watches instead.

  48. Francois Messely

    I prefer the Skagen Hagen Connected Hybrid Smartwatch

  49. Kenrick Plank

    interface looks slow and buggy

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