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Top 10 Android Apps of January 2017

We’ve compiled a ‘Top 10’ list of our favorite Android apps to hit the Google Play Store in January 2017. The apps highlighted in this video include Peek …

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  1. Wow you guys just don't research any apps that you recommend. 👎

  2. Great Video! Please Review Adorbx
    It Proclaims To Be The First All On One App!
    (Live Caller ID, Weather, Most Secure Search With Amazing Features, News, Games And More!)
    I've Used It And It's Epic! They Just Have 500 Downloads But Deserve More! Please Review More Apps From Small Developers!

  3. For the love of god DO NOT install Meitu. That app collects a ton of private information on your phone. https://www.wired.com/2017/01/meitu-viral-anime-makeover-app-major-privacy-red-flags/ I have followed phonedog for 4 years and after Aaron left they have gone downhill.

  4. none of the above apps r of any use

  5. great video 👍

  6. trash apps man c'mon!

  7. nah, smart drawer is really just a smart launcher clone

  8. What's you phone?

  9. meitu leaks your phones data to china . i would not download it.

  10. I've noticed this channel copies Android Authority, which is wack, on top of of that, they copy the same apps they review.. I can already they watch Android Authority, get their ideas and then make the video, Bohd your wack.

  11. Roundr screen corners was out way before the other corners app you reviewed.

  12. Meitu is a very bad bad app!!! It fucks up your phone just by having it.

  13. hey phone dog you didn't put cornerfly in the description! lol

  14. Top 10 games?

  15. There's an update for you to download.

  16. Veronica Wilkerson

    🤗👇✊ #notificationsquad

  17. Nice :)

  18. 2nd

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