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Top 10 Best Laptops Under $500 – Cheap Laptops 2015

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BEST LAPTOPS OF 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uym3wb60oYA The Asus X551CA comes in at number 10 with a 15.6 …

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plays on his moms laptop


  1. Horrible quality, good thumbnail.

  2. Worst laptops u have chosen man…..they are all suckish in today's generation… I can suggest much better laptops


  4. hy every one i want laptop for writing up my thesis can anybody suggest me a good one please…

  5. How about Lenovo y500 intel 7 8gb ram 1t hdd 16:8 screen ?

  6. shivam kumar sharma

    hey can anyone suggest me a laptop having good battery life, with graphic card to run software like catia.. & with an affordable price under 40000.

  7. Can anyone suggest an ultrabook Or a very thin laptop at about $600 Or below.

  8. can you reccomend a laptop tha can handle league of legends at med settings

  9. The background reminds me of IHE.

  10. anyone suggest a low budget laptop great for playing and recording minecraft plus modding minecraft. that is all i want to do. ~:)

  11. and u didnt say the prices cause?

  12. How much is the toshiba and how much is the touch screen one??

  13. Why they all have to be 14 inch plus? So annoying.

  14. Thx For making this video but could you tell me number 10 price cuz that it's my kind $0$

  15. I will never ever own a toshiba…why?

    The name…

  16. in laptop 10 the Asus cai i instal lol???

  17. I am watching this with your number 1…….

  18. Did you notice the the second the???

  19. Could you tell me the music you used in the vid, please? :)

  20. no ten has a CD drive?

  21. lol u so chuggy

  22. He tells us everything but there costs

  23. The 2nd laptop on the list is the one i have eccept mine is black and doesnt run google it runs windows 10

  24. RandomnessThatWeDo

    windows 8 is crap who would be disappointed with windows 7

  25. that's preety cool they brobatly all suck

  26. can someone tell me the name of the outro song?

  27. Acer is the worst ever , No durability at all , if u wanna a durable Pc from Experience i suggest Toshiba

  28. What about the Asus f555la-ab31?

  29. IHE music XD

  30. technocatification

    just realized it's in us money. Rip Canada. 😢

  31. My laptop was 500$ and better than all of these with 6 gigs of ram and Intel core i3

  32. dude is the lenevo one (number 7) touchscreen?

  33. Im sry but this video is a little stupid, I don't wanna be mean but a laptop with 2 GB of ram is an awful slow computer, mine has 8 GB of ran and intel core i5 and it's not that fast

  34. Hey Im starting a YouTube channel and im going to record on ps4 but edit on a laptop (i dont have a laptop 😓). What laptop which is good and cheap should I buy??? Sorry for bad english. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  35. the GreatPotatoMan


  36. Plz oh plz. Does anyone know which laptop is really good for Recording music/Producing beats that is under 500?

  37. I concur! Chromebooks are great. I would rate them a 6 out of 5! Lol. . . Seriously though, they are so fast and stable. A HDMI port is a must for me, as not all Chromebooks have a HDMI ports.

  38. lmau

  39. I want a laptop for repairing mobile am a developer and a solver so suggest me a best laptop that suits for my profession under 30000 Rupee's

  40. Hi I've been wanting a a laptop worth $400-500 Price range that can play Minecraft at a solid 200 FPS as i lag a lot as I love my redstone and pvp but can't do it as much as I lag to much.. Plz help! :P

  41. Omg u help me so much why don't u have that many subscribers??

  42. can I play video games such as cs:go or Garys mod on any of these laptops

  43. +kpop Complex the best choice is mac for editing videos but its 1399 :(

  44. where is hp pavilion 17-g113dx notebook? my brother had toshiba better than my laptop? but it larger and bigger mine :(

  45. I found a laptop for $894 reduced to $596 and it is intel core i5 6200U processor
    Windows 10
    8GB memory
    2TB storage
    7.5 hour battery life
    It is slightly over my budget but do I get it?

  46. cheep gaming labtops

  47. cheep gaming labtops

  48. how about Acer Aspire E5-473 NX.MXQSM.007 ??

  49. I liked nbr 2❤️

  50. Every laptop you showed sucked.

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