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Top 10 iPhone 7 New Features!

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are official, in this video we review the top 10 best new features Apple’s latest flagships have to offer. For updates, follow us here: …

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  3. Abdullah Alfawaz


  4. Jorden Pfeiffer

    Who is watching this on a iPhone 7

  5. Funni Danni

    Actually there were a lot of 2 camera phones. Plagiat

  6. bstlybengali

    this phone is insanely fast. i have the galaxy s7 edge and damn the iPhones speed blows it out of the water. the display on the edge is still much better though. If only they combined the phones lol

  7. Amin Love islam

    the i phone 7 came out today

  8. Jackson Brown

    "i know, tugged iPhone 7 looks almost exactly like the iPhone 6 but there is a reason why I put design in this list"

    yeah because there isn't anything else new to include in this list

  9. MSGTheGamer14

    matte black or gold

  10. Paz Sturgill

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  11. Donald Trump (Gamer)

    You just made wanna get this IPhone more than before watching this video

  12. Bryant Ni

    I wish I could show my aunt this video. She keeps talking bullshit about Apple cuz the removal of the headphone jack. She also said that there's ABSOLUTELY no difference between her 6 plus and 7 plus. Smh now she has a off brand phone from china. I told her that people these days are either Apple or Samsung. Please like so I can show her this comment

  13. urnkiosd

    not impressed! note 7 is exploding and i will still take the note 7 over the iphone 7….7 out of 7 times!step up your game apple.

  14. Maritza Card

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  16. Totally Patriots

    Jet Black looks cool but not worth the extra 100 because i would have to spend more on a case

  17. Albertina March

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    I got the gold I

  19. Mallory Gilland

    I have the iPhone 7 and I LOVE it!

  20. cm07ca



  21. Brie Taylor

    You are hot super informative video. Thanks babe. That was awesome. I have the jet black iPhone 7 and I'm super worried about the scratching concept of things! This helps to know if just needs a case! I have an otterbox on it now. I honestly don't know why people don't put cases on these expensive ass phones!

  22. Timothy Lolcats

    Samsung's display probably has the EDGE. No pun intended

  23. Anton Ekermans

    7:30 MBps vs Mbps
    400MBps = 3.2Gbps
    See where I'm going with this.. :)

  24. Jason Daniel

    (i am confused) Hi Kindly Suggest ( ipnone 7 or 6S ) for my regular use like ….call, mail & whatapp ? how is the battery life?…. .Thanks in advance..

  25. Emma Paull

    My contract is up for my slide phone and I wanted to get a 6s but they told us they probably weren't going to get anymore since it's 3 generations behind so I had to get the iPhone 7, which in still exited about considering I had a shitty phone before

  26. Swift Frost

    Got my new iPhone 7! It's pretty nice, but if I had the 6 before hand I wouldn't upgrade.

  27. Sam Pochin

    I really wanted jet black but after everyone said about scratches I got black. Only problem I was forced to buy 256gb it was the only one they had in stock

  28. Cheesy Pinecone

    DO NOT DO TAT and I'm sorry that I yell at you but I want to have a 7 plus.

  29. spcyramennoodles

    if i were gunna get an iphone 7 id get matte black or pink

  30. grace jones

    great love the new style. love the new accessories that are coming out of twelve south and lumiy for the iphone 7 and other apple kit =)

  31. SSSWORLD Samson

    I got the iphone 7 one of the thing I hate is the button doesn't press down

  32. olyana esme

    help i ordered mine 11 days ago its still processing

  33. TheProdigy538

    Samsung is better. drops the Mic

  34. Aldino Mitchell

    ordered the jet black

  35. vRelics

    I got the iPhone 7 128gigs today! Matte black.

  36. Corey Newhard (Careless Corey)

    I hope the IPhone 7s/7s + is bigger and big enough for a headphone jack, but bitch please, I'm switching to Samsung so those Apple fanboys shut the fuck up.

  37. Zachary Redmon

    since when is a phones new features the same as a new appearance. Wow Apple has us all types of fucked up but we all still love it.

  38. Daniel Patel

    thumbs up

  39. Owen - Chanel

    iPhone 7 has almost same features as S7 Edge , and S7 Edge has even better feature then it , now my iPhone 6S Plus is going to have some serious problem and planning to get one of these phone , which should I get? S7 Edge is much cheaper then IPhone 7 In my country . I love S7 Edge design and features but hate the Android

  40. I Eat People

    Will be getting a matte black iPhone 7 Plus 256GB.

  41. Vishwas Dubey

    worst thumbnail

  42. Drummer Dude


  43. Zargruzski nakamura

    Its not cuad core, instead its 6 core

  44. managarm1349

    buy our phone cause its waterproof!!!!!
    we dont cover any water damage

    because fuck you

  45. Alexisanuneducatedafricanamerican

    I got the iPhone 7 it's amazing

  46. Lynx The One

    I like the 6 more

  47. HAZOX GAMING0525

    if the iPhone was thicker they could fit more power,bigger battery,and better water resistant,I wouldn't mind it being thicker

  48. Thomas Mitchell

    The iphone success. (6s)

  49. ThAtFuNkybOy

    Top 10 new iphone 7 features: New color, water proof and some other shits I don't even know about.

  50. raeid akif


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