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Top 12 Features in Apple Watch Series 2

The top 12 features on Apple Watch Series 2 include: Brighter Screen Better Graphics Processor Faster Processor (S2 or S1P) Water resistance 50 meters 2 …

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  1. 5:27 whos feet? Hot

  2. Flamethrower studios

    Just got it today for Christmas the series 2 space grey with black sport 42mm band

  3. Apple Watch is water resistant up to 50 meters

  4. Can you use pandora app on it? When running?

  5. im a certified diver and he said you can swim to 50 meters and i thought sweet and i can scuba dive with that and then he said dont scuba dive with it and then i was like fuck

  6. Is there a calling feature in Apple Watch series 2? Please reply to this comment

  7. Is it possible to have the screen light always on so that you can check the time without elevating your wrist?

  8. I used my Apple Watch series 2 for a day and it was on 80% when i got home so good job apple. Great product

  9. I wouldn't call a shorter cable a benefit :/

  10. Great!

  11. I have the series 1 not the one with the dual care processors and mine came with a USB adapter

  12. Now this is the kind of review I was looking to see before buying!

  13. Previously my watch came with a USB adaptor I think it's based on what country you purchase it in

  14. Great review!!

  15. I've owned both watches, series 1 and 2. The battery on the series 2 is extremely better!! There is no comparison at all. Series 2 dropped 2% after an hour workout. My series 1 would have dropped 20%!

  16. Does the series 1 have the brighter screen also?

  17. Charles K. Baker (Venom145)

    Where are you having an Apple Watch giveaway?

  18. I think he's doin a great job, he says most the things im also thinking in my mind, keep up the good work.

  19. I love ur voice as always…

  20. Loving the apple watch coverage

  21. 50 metres, not 15. Otherwise decent video.

  22. The first Apple Watch was already included the USB adapter

  23. I kinda feel bad for Andrew, a lot of the people who were here when Jeff was running this channel aren't even giving him a chance. there were 3 dislikes and 0 likes before the video was up for 30 seconds. If you guys want Jeff then go to 9to5Mac, but stop attacking this guy just because he's new to the channel.

    Don't let it get to you man, keep up the good work!

  24. It is unfortunate people dislike videos just because. Stupid Trolls. Heres a thumbs up! Hopefully I can get a Apple Watch someday. Love the vids Andrew!

  25. I usually end the day with at least 50% battery left from 5am to 10pm on my first gen Apple Watch on os3.

  26. Yeah first dislike

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