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Top 5 BEST Smartphones of 2016

Which 2016 Smartphones are the BEST overall? Here are my Top 5 smartphones for 2016! ▻▻▻ dbrand skins: http://dbrand.com/SuperSaf Subscribe for more …

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  1. for me iphone 7 pluse

  2. My list:
    5.Huawei mate 9
    4.One plus 3T
    3.Google pixel
    2.Iphone 7+
    1.Galaxy s7 edge
    Honorable Mentions: LG V20, HTC 10


  4. Leonardo Rodriguez

    You should make a concurse to give away cell phones so people like me get involved and get some good smart phone. it is horrible no having phone my note 4 just died like 5 days ago

  5. OnePlus 3T is best

  6. I think the lgv20 is probably best

  7. Going to buy a phone in another week. Thanks for the review

  8. lg v20???

  9. KINGPINS 3t is the best for all time 😈

  10. which smartphone was your favorite?

  11. What about the Moto Z

  12. sir im confuse , help me which smartphone is best ( battery, camera, ram , internal storage ) not iphone

  13. Honor 8

  14. What if channel? Yo Yo

    google pixel is the king

  15. I think the best smartphone is S7 edge.

  16. Google Pixel

  17. Even though I've always loved android, and will likely buy the S7 soon because of price drops, I do agree that the iPhone 7 is all around a better phone atm. Same camera quality pretty much, but better speakers and performance on iPhone 7. It's not a huge difference in performance, but it is more noticeable than the camera difference.

  18. Rockstar Gaming 92005

    1. iPhone 7/7 plus
    2.Samsung Galaxy s7 edge(not note because it explodes)
    3. Google Pixel
    4.HTC 10

    I personally like the iPhone so don't judge me, I like iOS.

  19. OnePlus 3T

  20. anyone notice that at 0:07 that he said "explosive" range of of smart phones. Maybe a possible terrorist

  21. 1st – oneplus 3t

  22. Yo Bro seriousely You Should Do Some Rap looool

  23. Anyone able to tell me if the HTC 10 has loud speakers? I like to use my phone for music and want to know if it'll be a good phone for that

  24. how is the mi mix not here

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