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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Windows Phone over Entry Level Android Smartphones

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  1. 30 kg

    Samsung lover


    cortana available in malaysia?How is it?I dont get it

  3. Zulham Syahputra

    Windows for smart ppl

  4. Golden Eagles

    stay away from windows phone ..If people with windows 7 desktop keep it. when come other window phone or tablet forget it. The cut out my one drive storage, the window phone is not able to update. No apps. I just got my Lumia XL 640 a few month ago now eating dust. I am back to android google os. Windows 10 suck..

  5. Jon Erickson Chan

    still using my lumia 1520 as my daily driver, it doesn't fell underpowered at all considering many new smartphones coming out at the market. And it has all the essential apps that I needed. :D

  6. mrkjsmooth16

    xbox music is great

  7. john lagasca

    I love windows my phone is windows phone 😍

  8. fawad suleman

    hehe ur adorable :)

  9. Satyu Sattu

    the ppl who hate wp actually have never used one

  10. Audio Seizure

    Hey warren. Nice video. Now i'm a die-hard windows phone lover as well and wholeheartedly believe in its reliability, safety and performance, however I'm having issues porting android applications over to my device. Because lets face it. All the best developers are writing java for android because its popular. When projects astoria was still supported it was perfectly fine and i was porting APK files like any other XAP or APPX but since they trashed the idea i can no longer enjoy those apps. i tried decompiling apks into java and then compiling them into XAP and APPX but so far no dice. Any help?

  11. Pritam Naskar

    if people have any problems with windows phone gift it to me….

  12. BrainSeepsOut

    With Windows 10, not anymore! It's laggy and buggy as all hell!

  13. Scott Auker

    Tryed many mid range android phones. All suck. Junk

  14. Laughing Deer

    That accent is amusing. I like it.

  15. RioPio

    Thx man. Any VDO on which is the best entry WP?

  16. James Newell

    can I have a phone cause my phone broke and I don't have any money for a new one

  17. Taboo “taboo tech” tech

    ya but the app support sucks

  18. Chantale Oudkerk

    It really boils down to which entry level device you purchase. I had the unfortunate chance to purchase an entry level windows phone, the Nokia 435 and it is complete utter garbage. Very very slow (ridiculous load times…omg), crap camera, & very random shutdowns while device is in use. I like the idea of a windows phone but it still requires work if they would like to honestly compete with android and apple.

  19. Dalton Mason

    I'm still running on one gig of ram and a Snapdragon 400 by the way. Dual core at 1.2 ghz. It is not the fastest thing out there by any means, but since it's running stock, it does run very smooth.

  20. Dalton Mason

    I bet to differ on that opinion about needing lots of ram and a powerful processor to run smoothly on Android. I'm still running 4.1.2 in 2016 and it runs like the day I bought the device. I kid you not, it does. A three year old OS still going strong. I will tell you that you are going to encounter small annoyances and bugs that you can remedy in settings, but that is on any mobile OS. Granted I'm give you the fact that Windows phone is buttery smooth but until I get Google apps I won't move.

  21. vincent fernandes

    But there are limitations of apps on the windows phone os, otherwise it's the best and smooth phone

  22. Rasyid Shaufi

    good video!i must buy cheap one first to get use to using windows phone,,,if im satisfied,i may go for the 950,,,huhu

  23. Aasif Sarwar

    but google has more feature than windows dude .. :p

  24. Faisal Agata

    good compare.

  25. norfaizalias42

    Susah nak carik kedai jual window phone kena beli on9.

  26. Lily pad

    good vid

  27. monecal-D tan

    the only problem is window phone APP not enough if them can fix it window phone is 10time better that Android.


    I tried my best not to make fun of the ascent buuuuttttt… lol good video

  29. Aiman H

    I'm a Malaysian…should i buy the lumia 640 lte? and does the cortana works in Malaysia? I'm planning to switch to windows phone.

  30. Harrison Harper

    Not going to lie I would rather use Windows over a android phone any day

  31. Michael Jimenez

    Oooorr you can get an old iphone 5 which is way better than any of these

  32. Mark Marlatt

    Never ever, ever buy a Window$ phone. Not user friendly!!! Just look at all of the YouTube posts when you type in "how to" Window$ phone. How to play games, buy this, buy that, get gadgets, app store this and that. It's a fucking child's marketing tool. My Windows phone is possibly the worst mobile device that I have ever purchased. I do not need a toy (Cortana) to assist me in how to live my fucking life. Micro$oft has really gone down the toilet……….So if you are 12 and mommy and daddy need a babysitting toy….Window$ phones are the way to go. After all, it does track your every move. But if you are a grown up, Window$ in general has become complete garbage.

  33. wewz wewz

    this guy looks like a fag

  34. Navarro OyO

    Yes, but… You show some top Windows Phone vs some shitty Android Phone! Let's do comparison with Galaxy S6…

  35. Will- -liam

    planning on buying one, how much is it in mly

  36. Raty Mccat

    windows beats android anyway they may not have as many apps but they don't freeze if had several androids they always freeze crash and. the unfortunately the process of android has stopped and apps force close no matter what device you have android is really crap it lasts about a couple of months or more if your lucky then the problems kick in windows you have no problems I had the HTC 8s and upgraded to 8.1 it never froze it ran smoothly better than any android it had and if had quite a few good name ones and they always disappoint

  37. rDx

    Cortana I Love you…

  38. Viktoras K.

    you need to upgrade android phone, dude. if you buy midrange android phone, then you will have some issues with it. but if you buy flagships, like s5, s6, m8, m9, g3, g4, z3, z4, nexus6 etc, or flagship killer – oneplus one, then android will be way better than windows phone.

  39. sorriaejogue

    Make a video what windows phone to buy… So many options and numbers that make it very confusing

  40. MrPicklepod

    I love my windows phone because I'm guaranteed to have a up to date smooth experience with mostly everything. It's just fast and reliable

  41. JohnMichael Pierce

    It's all down to personal taste. I've always been with Android which is great, then i decided to switch to a Windows phone in May this year. The usr interface is totally different to Android, it's more contemporary and simple. I like how the home screen is just one page instead of having loads of different ones and forgetting what you have on them. My friends, who are apple sheep, think the Windows operating system looks and works so much better than their iphones. Can't wait to update to Windows 10!

  42. MarinaFlorence

    which wp is this?

  43. SchnuffiJames

    My Nokia 620 has a very small battery but I get a lot more use out of it compared to my old android device also it uses a lot less data so I can have a cheaper data plan

  44. murali krishnan

    I'm a new user of Android but over 2 years I have used windows phone. As of my experience, windows was not buggy, lagging but android is. Only one problem with windows OS was not huge number of apps in the store. But essential apps all are on windows store too. Swype keyboard on windows phone was also excellent easy to use but on android we have to download by checking each.
    Overall daily usage of windows phone will never let user to other OS. It has high potential to become big in near future.

  45. Uncle Nuar

    Great video… Cortana can actually understand manglish

  46. Koiden

    wait a tac is that you scarra?????!!!

  47. Fernando Díaz

    It's amazing how fast and fluid Windows Phone is, and how destroys the Moto E (the entry level Android star!) 0:54 to 0:58

  48. Fernando Díaz

    Excelent video, Windows Phone is best!

  49. HeyItsEdward

    I have a Lumia 630 and I LOVE IT! I always knew that a WP phone is twice better than a shitty android!

  50. halonerdo89

    You're totally right! I've been using Windows Phone for over a year now and I wouldn't switch to Android any-day!

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