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TOP 7 BEST SELLING 4K Digital Cameras on Amazon (Were You Surprised?)

http://www.artoftheimage.com – TOP 7 BEST SELLING 4K Digital Cameras on Amazon (Were You Surprised?) Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Digital Camera.

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  1. OK, I own the sony A6300, Love it , I am shocked to see that you dont have the panasonic G7, I have used the G7 and was very impressed with the build quality, The sony is Lightweight and a very nice camera for the price. the Big reason I bought the sony is because of the lens selection, where the panasonic lags ,

  2. I was shocked the GH4 and G7 were not on that list….. Clearly the public isn't educated on what ARE the best 4K cameras on the market vs. price

  3. Staggered that there is no Canon in the list but then, maybe not. Well I must admit I never expected the D500 to be on any best sellers list as it is very much a niche product and I didn't expect them to sell that many. Although it does 4k I doubt that is the number one reason people are buying this camera, that territory is taken by Panasonic. However, thinking about it, most of the customers who want it have been waiting years since the D300 and so many had it on pre-order. My guess is that this level of sales will quickly drop after a month or so. But who knows. I must admit that the arrival of the D500 and D5 after 30years as a nikon user was the trigger for me to abandon Nikon as I realised they were never going to make another camera with good enough quality that I would want to buy; their new lenses suck big time. I have to admit that even if they did make me a camera now, then I would doubt if i would return, the damage is done and I wont be back – sigh

  4. Hey Matt, I have the Panasonic ZS100. I purchased it about June 1 via Amazon.com. I traveled to Nashville for CMA Fest, June 7 – 13. While I brought several cameras, the Nikon D750 and the Panasonic GX8, I basically just used the ZS100. I found it was good enough to use throughout the Festival. Indoors and at night I did a lot of shooting at iso 3200. Last year I used the D750 almost exclusively. And last year they had a rule that DSLRs were welcomed, but lenses had to be 4" or less. So I bought the GX8, thinking it would be OK to use a mirrorless body anywhere as it was small. Then about a month before the event, their web site mentioned that this year, no cameras with detachable lenses would be allowed, not only at the Stadium, but at all the official stages and the exhibit hall. So, both the D750 and GX8 would have been an issue at a lot of the venues. The ZS100 worked out fine for my needs, and was small, light, and handy. Sure it was no D750, which I would have loved to use, I got all the shots I wanted. The ZS100 menu and touch screen were very similar to the GX8 for use, so there was a very small learning curve. Here is an example photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/severnayasams/27713822155/in/datetaken-public/

  5. Great Monochrome look Matt. I think the G7 & LX100 are very popular, but they are rating the latest models. It seems the ZS100 is the newer scaled down pocket version of the LX100. As is the FZ1000 is the newer scaled down version of the G7.

  6. I don't think the ranking has any meaning as you are not sorting according to 4k. You are just putting up the 4k cameras out of some other ranking. You don't know if the people who bought those cameras even care about 4k.

  7. well i am really surprised that G7 didnt make it to the list . In my opinion it should have replaced the fz1000 as the later has some issues with manual focus and it doesnt maintain focus on objects very well as you zoom in and out . That's all 🙂 guess there are many people out there caring about the big range scope more than the quality.

  8. wow look at all of those tabs

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