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Transfer Contacts From Android To Windows Phone Or Windows To Android Without Using Any Software

Video tutorial to transfer contacts from Android Phone to Windows Phone and Windows Phone to Android phone without downloading or installing any app or software. You don’t need a computer to transfer these contacts using our tutorial. Its simple and easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

This tutorial applies for the following 12 scenarios:

1. Transfer Contacts From Windows Phone To Android
2. Transfer Contacts From Android To Windows Phone
3. Transfer Contacts From Nokia Lumia To Android
4. Transfer Contacts From Android To Nokia Lumia
5. Sync Contacts Between Android And Windows Phone
6. Sync Contacts Between Android And Nokia Lumia
7. Sync Contacts Between Android And Nokia Windows Phone 7
8. Sync Contacts Between Android And Nokia Windows Phone 8
9. Transfer Contacts From Windows Phone To Android
10. Transfer Contacts From Android To Windows Phone
11.Contacts Transfer Windows To Android
12. Contacts Transfer Android To Windows

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  1. Hayatın İzinden

    Şansa bak tamda yapmaya çalıştığım iki telefon kıyaslamış👍

  2. Danushka Jayasooriya

    Really informative

  3. Sir please make video on how to share videos on android phone to windows phone

  4. How to copy sms from a andriod phone to a windows phone ?

  5. Ѕеarсh in Gооgle аs: "ApkCracks4u" .Yоu wіll bе able to fіnd out thе crасk fіlе fоr shаreit Арp.

  6. sorry i'm french
    I have a lumia 950 I synchronize my google account on luia, I did the same for my samasung galaxy j5 but nothing happens? it must miss something to do .. my chip is in my android, by cons I can not put my bluetooth running on my windows phone 950? I think bluetooth is useless here? can you answer me, please

  7. QUESTION: Can I perform this procedure if I only have ONE SIM Card? I have only one…so it has to be in either my old phone or my new phone. How's THAT work? Thanks for any answers.

  8. Prashanth Suvarna

    Android to Windows OK… But you flew past from Windows to Google to damn fast😢. For instance a person shifting(usually) will have an outlook account. Will it be"accepted" on an Android platform. And finally what about WhatsApp account history… Does that get transferred too… Please clarify. Thank you

  9. How to recover Contacts List from Nokia 201…Please Help its emergency…:-(

  10. I did this but still not able get contacts

  11. Very useful. Thanks Rohit

  12. ooo yaar play store stare nai hota yaar thnk you

  13. I simply do not understand why all this f@cking crap can't use low-profile CSV files…. AND offline Phone-Management Software like it was for the "not smart" phones. I'm so tired of this shit.

  14. star auto industries

    I purchased a new redmi note 4 and I have inserted my sim card in it.But I can not see my contact list at there.What should I do?pl.

  15. Thnq u bro

  16. Thank you so much!

  17. i hate when indian people speaking in english…so aweful 😨😨😨

  18. Descagar winidos tabelta

  19. Should the sim card be in the new phone or the old phone?

  20. Aw, my account only has one box 'Email'. Is there any other way to transfer the contacts from the Nokia, please? 🙁

  21. Mithun Chatterjee

    not working at all.

  22. Thanks for this, had problems with getting contacts from Windows to Android

  23. tq bro.. I got my contacts back form my android to windows

  24. if I was login with outlook account then it is possible to open Gmail accojnt

  25. great

  26. Microsoft already has an app for that except it does not fucking work, it refuses to fucking initiate the wifi sequence.

  27. I am using wardsup

  28. Amazingly easy. Thank you!

  29. Rohit Khurana very good job sir

  30. Thaxx bro you really save my time……

  31. Could not be any easier.  Thank you, Intellect Digest, for showing us this.

  32. windows me my family kese htaye

  33. windows me my family kese htaye

  34. Shantelle Barnett


  35. hey!! its Clayton Weeks

    thank you come again

  36. Hoje em dia tem um negocio que chama eh Whatsapp

  37. The problem with my Nokia Lumia 635 phone is that it doesn't want to open ANYTHING. Not even email+accounts. I can't even download any apps cuz of this error that occurred a year ago. I tried fixing it with what other people have suggested thru microsoft support, nothing worked. I feel like this phone is literally just not working anymore. I just need my contacts over and sync my phone, but it doesn't even want to open the transfer data part so I can put anything in my other phone.

  38. thank you, it worked 🙂

  39. Nagaraju Tammana

    Hai, I have sync my contacts from android to windows but in windows contact names are not displayed in full(middle name is skipped). how to resolve

  40. Guys .. u r a life saver…..

  41. iam on OUTLOOK.com id on WINDOWS phone , so can i add that to Android ? , i did that but there is only Email sync , i want tp synch contacts too , how to do that ?

  42. Thank you for sharing! Made it so much easier after watching your video. I was at a loss until I watched your video. Thank you again! xo

  43. Thanks a lot for the guide !!! Helped me a lot !!!

  44. Excellent advice ! Thank you !

  45. So in added the names of my contacts but no email or phone numbers which means that this is  pretty useless to me. Do you have any idea how to get the rest of the info added to the contacts?

  46. Great. You are a life saver

  47. it helps me! thanks man!

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