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Turn Off Vizio Smart Interactivity TV Tracking Feature

Vizio Smart TV’s have a feature that collects information about what you’re watching – whether its on TV, DVR or Disc. Here’s how to turn that feature off. Follow …

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  1. All this is so that they can deliver better videos,
    come on!!! OVERRATED NEWS

  2. Russell Hildenbrand

    thank you so much for making this video and you made it very easy to find it in my settings and I didn't actually watching the video great video definitely subscribing

  3. Thanks Rich!!! I love my Vizio TV but I would like the option to choose.

  4. did it thaaaannnkkkk you ..bless you america great again…Amen

  5. thx 4 the info :}

  6. thank you for the information buddy I truly appreciate your time I just bought my TV last night and I believe i own this tv so I don't think they should have any control over my viewing but overall I believe Vizio is crossing the line is creepy once again thank you for your information truly appreciate it

  7. Thanks a lot for spreading the word big congrats!!!!

  8. thanks just turn off

  9. Thanks for letting us know, I just turned mine off

  10. Thanks. Just turned it off. Any other privacy concerns with the Vizio (e.g. neighbors being able to see my TV's wifi presence or connect to or otherwise hijack my Vizio smart tv?

  11. another look out ….sendin my respect to all here that turned the shit off ill be checkin back to see if the Smart I nter stays off …know what i mean

  12. i just turned mine off RICH and thank you for lookin out stay strong U.S. Strong

  13. just turned mine off

  14. thanks for the info, its was every easy to do

  15. holy shit, i would have never thought to look in the reset section. thanks!

  16. excellent review and many thanks rich greatly appreciated

  17. Thanks bro hopefully it works

  18. Thanks for the info

  19. Thx for the info

  20. Netflix and Amazon Prime does the same thing as VIZIO is doing."Spying on you" Including any other App you so desire to use.If you use any of those Apps on your VIZIO Smart TV. Doesn't matter if you disable that option on your VISIO or any other Smart TV.The Apps you use Spys on you as well with no option of turning it off.

  21. Thanks bro for the heads up, just bought a vizio smart tv, just turned off that feature as well, thanks again…

  22. You man friend are the man 👍🏽

  23. I watch you on Channel 5 news all the time. Your the best Rich DeMuro.

  24. Wow, just bought my vizio smart tv yesterday and stumbled onto this video. I had no idea about any of this. Thanks a lot for the help.

  25. thanks man for the info… sneaky vizio…

  26. thank you Rich for your video helped me fix my new vizio d55u-d1

  27. YUP found it !
    I have a Vizio 1080 screen ( not saying the model #) the setting you talked about IS THERE I turned it OFF.
    I don't need my TV watching ME. F. THAT.
    I don't even like the fact that Google forced YouTube channel owners to have a G+ account to keep their channels.
    There is no way to separate the two without destroying my channel.I have mixed feelings on that, I almost want to delete my channel and forget YouTube, but I have worked long and hard on my videos and they know this. I hate Google.

  28. Do you have make up on? No shade though… And no pun intended…. LOL

  29. Thanks so very much, this was helpful!

  30. Thanks for the info, mine is now off!

  31. I purchased a large 4K "smart" TV and had no idea about this.

    I fully agree with everything mentioned in this article, the author is spot on.

    I ask myself where do "they" get the notion it is OK to collect data on what I watch on something that I purchased without telling me this upfront???

    And then file an IPO telling potential investors about what they're doing to unsuspecting buyers.

    The Nerve!!!

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