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TV Buying Guide (Interactive Video) | Consumer Reports

Trying to decide how big you should go? Don’t know a UHD from an OLED? Consumer Reports explains the latest technology – from “smart” TVs to 4K content …

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  1. Prem “xD” Nogiya


  2. Very descriptive video for beginners!

  3. Do you think ua58j5200 Samsung is good TV?

  4. take note 3d will be great to watch if the tv set you are watching has a very high contrast ratio,something like 10-20 million c.r. —-i have a 2014 samsung led 3d 60.inch 7100 model with 14 million to 1 c.r……and 3d looks fantastic .i bought the set because of the deep blacks of the picture content….just remember that contrast number is very important in buying a tv set. for now and the near future i think buying a oled tv will be a smart choice .ps bigger is always better………….

  5. 3:06 – What film is that?

  6. 5:48 . dem apps tho

  7. play Jeffrey Osborne

  8. Great overview! Big help.

  9. thank you

  10. You purchase all of the products with my damn tax money! Damn you asshole! Buying expensive cars, dishwashers that's $10K, a TV that's $15K, damn you!

  11. really appreciate the work you guys put into all your videos despite not hitting high view counts (which actually should), learnt a lot about TVs from this. 

  12. Great video! I'm holding out for a 4K OLED 55" curved TV that I can afford. Maybe by Christmas, 2015!

  13. Concise, informative & presented in a logical manner… Well done CR !

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