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TV Comparison: Sony XBR55X850D, Samsung UN55KS8000, LG 55UH8500

Here we take a look at three more reasonably priced 55″ TV side by side. Check them all out at Abt.com: Sony XBR55X850D: …

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  1. LCD's suck hairy nut sacks.

  2. I am getting confused between samsung UN65KU7000(curved) and sony XBR65X850D. Samsung is $100 more as of curved. Which one of both shoul i choose? And which is better operating system, android or tizen?

  3. Check out Sony's customer support site and you will see how many problems Sony is having with quality and warranty issues. My xbr 940c failed totally with no chance to repair and one month out of warranty

  4. I'm currently looking for a tv and this is what I'm currently looking at Samsung UE43KU6500 and LG 49" 49UH661V I'm having a hard time choosing which one to buy..Any help?

  5. i'm really enjoying the Samsung ks8000 in 60" even with a 1st gen ps4. would like to upgrade to pro or xb1 to get the most out of what it can offer regarding 4K entertainment. the Samsung TV is incredibly impressive.

  6. Nice video. In my opinion Samsung is the best since that LG is not OLED TV. My argument to that is HDR. You said HDR looks best on Samsung (slightly buy still) and this is why my pick is Samsung.
    Also input lag. Samsung have 22.7ms in 4k 60, Sony 57.4ms, LG 33.8ms.
    Those 2 reasons determined my pick

  7. I own that Sony 55 inch 4K RV and it's a piece of crap. It even worst then my previous 1080p Samsung TV.

    The black level are horrible and more of a gray then black. Most of them have horrendous backlight bleed. Android TV is so laggy and buggy. HDR is a joke and having it on make picture actually look worst.

    The colors also very wash out and viewing angle is terrible. Worst TV I have ever own. If I have to do it again I would go with the Samsung 55 inch 4K one in a heartbeat.

  8. I can't wait for the upcoming Samsung Qled TV ❤

  9. Samsung remains the real king ever. i go for Samsung

  10. What is the best TV ?

  11. i brought the sony 850d a couple weeks ago because in my country there is no ks8000 only the ks9500 and the price difference is big. I also own a ps4 pro and a xboxS and after I did some calibration this TV is amazing, the colors are the best, I had a UHD lg from 2015 and its a huge difference, the only thing that I dont like is the clouding , but is not as bad as it was on the LG. also I have loaded vids from a usb or HDD and there is no lag or loading.

  12. In several reviews of the LG uh8500 there were complaints about black levels especially in dark rooms. Was this noticeable to you? Sometimes I wonder if reviewers develop a more finely tuned sensitivity to differences the average consumer won't notice. But if it really is a distracting difference I would want to take it into consideration.

  13. PlaystationQUAD-ProTM

    acctually the x850d has a lg panel, they are very similar compaired to the 8500

  14. What about the whites..? How bright is one TV against the other..? Nits..?

  15. Who had the best upscaling

  16. great video

  17. Can tell LG 4K TV MODEL IS ?

  18. I would probably go with the KS8000, the 850 looks dull in person, and LG 8500 allegedly has bad light bleeding.

  19. hdr gaming ?

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