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TWO Gets A New Roof SENA App And iPhone Tips

TWO Gets A New Roof SENA App And iPhone Tips – I’m in the middle of another huge house project, getting a complete new roof. It started as a big project and …

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  1. Biker Paul

    We needed to replace the roof of our first house due to some damage but that roof was 87 years old! You can imagine how dirty a job that was! Looking-glass forward to seeing the time lapse video.

  2. George TP

    Two CO live shows you say! Bring it ooooooon!

  3. Stephen Anderson

    I thoroughly enjoy these ride along videos.

  4. BowhuntnHoosier

    first off….how is Chloe? then….anyone use the metal roofs in florida?

  5. dafobra

    crazy about that roof.. looking forward to your riding reviews…

  6. 2muchgear

    Oriented Strand Board OSB

  7. Sky King

    The new roof will be great for resale. Keep some leftover shingles for wind damage repairs. Might want to scope the pipes underneath the house to the sewer line… Great bobber btw.

  8. Cavi3961


  9. Frankie's Channel

    Tip to free up memory on Iphone. Go to Itunes and rent a movie with 15GB size. Don't worry you won't be charged anything. After you ask to rent the movie. Itunes first tries to clear up some free space on your phone then it realizes it still can't fit. At this point Itunes cancels the rental and no charge to your account. Plenty of youtube video on it if your interested.

    I gave up on Sena. Sold my pair to a friend. After he tried them for a month he also ended up selling them after he tried my new Cardo Packtalks. I'm so happy I made the switch.

  10. MurphyTheBandChild

    I completely understand how you feel about not paying to use something you already paid for. I really can't stand that software and programs have gone to the yearly subscriptions. It might not be so bad for Microsoft Office or other small things, but I use AutoCAD a lot at work, and that is now a $1000 per year subscription instead of the $4000 or so that it used to cost to just outright buy a license.

  11. Robert Logee

    OSB oriented strand board, well you don't have to be concerned about ice dams like us in a Canadian winter.

  12. MagicMANX

    dude, you can always connect a phone charger to the gopro… and it will record for a looooong time, no need to bother with batteries, and the wife will only be tasked with swapping the card, cheers! :D

  13. Edwin Kubena

    Did my roof 2 yrs ago finally paying loan off

  14. Chas106 G.

    The ridge vent will help for sure, and replacing all of the decking was a great choice. You will be very happy with the new roof!

  15. Bigdog Bulldog

    Beautiful,finally you are bringing the house up to code😵

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