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Ubuntu for Phones vs Android Jelly Bean Comparison

Ubuntu for Phones is the newest official platform on the market … sort of. It’s only available as a developer preview, and Canonical, the firm that created the …

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  1. Uğurcan Sayan

    >Facebook for iPhone

  2. Gul Niazi

    so which of ubuntu is the best

  3. Tori G

    This seems completely biased.

  4. rizqi putra

    can the ubuntu install apk or android app?


    can the ubuntu phones be rooted and wifi tether like rooted android phones ?

  6. mohamed mohep

    when will be available in egyypt

  7. K0T

    Seems like Ubuntu is not that responsive like iOS or BB10. Still, it's faster and much more beautiful than Android.

    I would say: BB10 > Ubuntu > iOS > Android

  8. Matt Cox

    I thought a robot was talking the whole time.

  9. Roque Trentini

    Hi miss something very important, whats up with google play? There is an ubuntu market or something like that or what? Are compatible android apps with Ubuntu phone?

  10. Agazer Sahbazli

    I hope LG g pro is supported

  11. 〈Monigoto〉

    Ubuntu on a phone 

  12. Sandeep Babu

    Good comparison…!

  13. kevin w

    how did you put ubuntu touch on that phone  and what phone is this ?

  14. DroidTV


  15. Shane Hazelwood

    they keep going oh you plug in keyboard and mouse and screen its like why would I want to try and use my phone or my tablet for this they are meant to be portable not hocked in like a PC. So the just get a PC they go the phone and tablet contain the same tech as your PC they do not they arnt as fast and the hard drives and sd cards arnt

  16. Shane Hazelwood

    they keep going its not a lock screen and its this new invetion its a dam lock screen you have to go to that when you go to use the phone and then just like android you can use password or no password

  17. alvordr

    Here, latency is more a function of the hardware than the software.  You're not comparing apples to apples.  My Moto G is the fastest thing I've used, because it has a quad-core CPU and plenty of dedicated RAM to keep it going.  It can multitask and isn't handicapped by a one-button function as the Samsung on the video.  It's not the best phone for certain things, like taking a picture, but my point is that the latency isn't going to change as much of a function of the OS.

  18. Andi Macbeth

    Reminds me meego :)

  19. Rebel Justice

    No way I'm going to be rocking an OS with a gay name.. Jelly bean.. What's next? Snow flake?

  20. Noaman Khalil

    Ubuntu is for people who want to learn while android is for people who prefer the name ios is for the simple people

  21. Louvin Balonglong

    1. you can get tons of free great launchers and lockers in the app store 
    2. navigating thru android is actually not that hard 
    3. there's probably gonna be an ubuntu laucher soon, under development or probably a prototype or even out there now
    4. that ubuntu os seems to look like combination of ios, bb os, symbian, windows and android, so they're already EXISTING features

    that seems like a great o.s. but it seems to be just reflections of what other developers have already done, just saying

  22. Indonesia

    I'm definitely gonna buy ubuntu phone when it comes out. The reasons are, ubuntu OS offers a different interface than the other OSes that already came out in the market (firefox os, android, iphone, blackberry). For me, it's much friendly looking, and easy to use. The second reason is that when you hook up this device to an external monitor, you get a complete working PC (running ubuntu for computer) and what I mean by that is that the interface will be like a PC interface, not a smartphone interface running on a big monitor like android which isn't nice to look at.

  23. Manos Agtzidis

    Ubuntu… First thing is that the touch screen's latency is really big comparing to android, while android has the biggest latency amongst, iOS and Windows Phone 8.

  24. lilmoris1

    Se ve interesante, si lo instalo en mi Galaxy Note 3 y por alguna razón no me gusta… puedo regresar a Android o es mas complicado de lo que parece?

  25. SmacSA

    I would really like to try a Ubuntu phone

  26. Lautaro C

    Ubuntu es un so, no trae en su sistema navegador, si lo trae en celulares es por que los demas lo hacen, para usar internet en ubuntu se usa firefox, el so esta pensado asi

  27. 738polarbear

    i would want a lock screen for security .never mind warm and fuzzy

  28. Joseph Oliveira

    I thought you was COMPARING and CONTRASTING THE TWO? All I heard was Compare and Bash.

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