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  1. yeah just gone back to windows a lumia 640 21.99

  2. Windows 10 Mobile is so much slower and buggier than 8.1 or 8.0.

  3. Has everyone forgotten Windows Phone 8.0?

  4. shravani ravindran

    Still using my Nokia Lumia 520

  5. Micajah Klarxon

    Man I MISS THESE PHONES. I was a for hard windows phone user, was sooooo sad when they stopped making them. Long story short, today I decided what's stopping me from still using one? Started looking into buying one and F YES I'm going back. Really, loved the windows phone. So pretty and simple and solid. Did what I want a phone to do EXCEPTIONALLY WELL and far better than iphobe/android (which come on are VERY similar experiences…bunch of icons on screens you swipe to move through, a cluttered mess where taking a call, writing an email, texting, and browsing the internet are not straightforward). Sure, apps are great. That's what a great tablet is for!!!! Calls, texts, emails, taking photos/videos, and browsing – NOBODY DOES IT BETTER OR MORE BEAUTOFULLY THAN A WINDOWS PHONE.

    I'm going back.

  6. i’m using a lumia 630

  7. Windows Phone OG

    Still using Lumia 521, 1020, and 950 XL as daily drivers to this day. I love Windows Phone. It's the best mobile os

  8. Colin Farrington

    I've had a lumia 520, 535 and a 650, I also have a Nokia 5.All of the Lumia's are much better than any Android phones. I really hope Microsoft bring back Windows phones.

  9. I'm using the Lumia 735 since 2017

  10. Still using my nokia lumia 635!

  11. Using windows phone and nokias 3310

  12. I'm still using my Lumia 650. Two years and still getting full day out of it

  13. Still use the Nokia 830 and Microsoft 640 XL. Can't beat the Zeiss camera on either one. In fact, getting an update for Windows 10 today on the 640 XL.

  14. Lumia 950 xl user here 😁💪✌

  15. I'm still using Windows Lumia 640 and it's still running like brand new phone. And still give one and half day of battery life. It's my Love. 😄😘 (Candy Orange)

  16. i got 2 fonctionable lumia 635 😂😂and still use them haha

  17. I'm still rocking a Lumia 1320.Had it since 2015. Battery life is great and I love the big screen. Only drawback is that sometimes big websites will crash after a while coz of only 1gb ram. Other than that I'm happy with it! ^^

  18. Using Lumia 650 but.. 🙁

  19. Thanks for discussing the speaker. I like a good speaker and many reviews don’t cover that. Really annoys me.

  20. I use my HP Elite X3 still…

  21. Im thinking of buying a 550 just to try WP for a couple months, should I? I anyways only use MS apps

  22. After updating to Windows 10…my wifi is not opening…. Itz just not opening…. Not connecting to wifi is a different thing…but itz just not opening… Can u help?

  23. Using lumia 535🙃

  24. 2018 & I'm still using Nokia Lumia 630

  25. I'm still using my 535 Lumia I bought in 2015 my first smart phone. thanks to the micro SD card slot it holds plenty of memory. apps are very few

  26. i use lumia 730

  27. I have a lumia 950 and I love it!

  28. ragingjaguarknight86

    I have this same exact phone. I went back to using it after my Android phone died on me.

  29. Dope vid

  30. Abhi Dhoundiyal

    I'm using Lumia 640 and 535 right now,in the past i had a Lumia 800

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