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Vizio 24″ D24 D1 smart TV Review! 2016

2016 Best Budget Friendly Television Vizio D24 D1 24 inch under $200 The Vizio D24-D1 24 inch is a 1080p Smart tv with integrated apps like Netflix, Netflix, …

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  1. I have the 32in version of this and it goes back to the store in the morning. The apps suck (doesn't even have HBO Go) and is done by the Yahoo store and Yahoo was sold so the higher end models are coming with a different store. The picture is ugly on the 32in because the pixel pitch is almost .40mm whereas this one would be about .27mm. Oh, the remote is a pain in the ass to use and I constantly kept hitting the shut the menu down button.

  2. guys help me…since Vizio 24" dont sell in my region…im stuck to choose between Sharp,Haier n Sanyo 24" tv
    which one is better??

  3. can it record over the air TV with a flash drive if so how

  4. Ok so does this come with the stand? Will this work with like Xbox one s

  5. I have the same tv but in a 32 inch

  6. Awesome Review!!🙌 Going to get this tv because the tv i have now is broken lol and Also Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Just received this TV for Christmas today. Absolutely love the quality of VIZIO TVs.
    Definitely sticking to Vizio for any TV. Maybe TCL because of their Roku TV and the fact that Roku App Store has a LOT more apps than the Vizio Yahoo! Connected App Store but the quality of Vizio TVs are amazing!

    It is almost UHD. You will have to change some settings out of the box but once you do this TV practically has UHD.

    The only issue I have had with this TV is it already has a dead pixel near the top but only shows on black.

    Only question I have is whether or not this TV can be cast to by apps like Deezer Music, AllCast, etc.? Basically, is there a way to cast your Android screen to this TV or any app that supports casting?

    I don't really like the fact that it only has 1 HDMI port which I why I wanted the 28" E-Series or the TCL 32" RokuTV because they both have 2 HDMI ports and the TCL 32" has more apps and I think can be screen-casted to somehow…However, we are fixing to get rid of our Dish Satellite TV so I won't need but one HDMI, since I am going to have my PC hooked up.

  8. does it have spotify

  9. I just got this TV and a PlayStation 4 with Battlefield one works perfectly fine no input lag whatsoever

  10. Totally Radical Dude

    bought this for someone a christmas present @ walmart refurbed , i was testing it out and wow there is some serious motion blur or ghosting whatever. do not even bother playing games on this

  11. Does this work with the PS4?

  12. can you connect wireless to the internet

  13. Is there a way to cast from your phone to this television?

  14. Is there much input lag?

  15. Alan walker Fade was the song he played :)

  16. is their any volume button on the side

  17. Does this tv have google play?

  18. skyshotjosh Playz

    How much is this tv in Canada

  19. How's the input lag? Does it handle PC input decently?

  20. I'm saving up for one currently

  21. Maybe a bluetooth dongle might work? I've order this same TV tomorrow for pickup. Pretty excited hoping to use ut with my mac mini…but I do have a bluetooth dongle pluggs into usb. Hoping it works???

  22. is this tv the same size as a 24 inch monitors for PC ?

  23. ah, no Optical Audio out.

  24. I'm gonna use this as a monitor or something

  25. Hi can you browse like Facebook and Amazon on this tv?

  26. The 32 inch one has 2 hdmi ports

  27. How is the media playback from USB stick?

  28. they should have put two hdmi in the back

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