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What is LG’s WebOS Smart TV System?

Smart TVs are very varied in their implementation. Generally the hardware is underpowered and the system itself doesn’t feel all that snappy. Well LG bought an …

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  1. What does that mean browsing is close? For smart tv or out off memory?my tv shows this sign

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  4. Isn't it better to just buy a small chinese media player ? :D

  5. Can we install Android apps on web os ? if yes, how ?

  6. useless shit.not android supported
    very dissapointed. please don't buy it until they upgrade.😢😢😢

  7. if it whould let u install kodi then ya lg chould sell shit loads of tv's

  8. Hi could you answer me this, can i watch facebook videos with it cheers and please let me know. Me and wife are thinking of getting lg cause of the webos

  9. LG Web OS apps are useless in Europe

  10. eng.farouk almusawy

    what is the difference between the operating system webos and android in lg tv plz Answer me


  12. do you know whether the LG 49UF680V model supports HDR or not?
    Trying to find out with not much luck.

  13. its not a smart tv i guess just new oberating system i bought one actually now i have more respect to the sony bravia tvs

  14. leaps and bounds ,what a load of shit , all smart tvs are shit ,you know why because you cannt update the browser flash player ,so it means after a while you can not watch or hear any videos on any site , just browse thats all no audio no video , how shit is that hu , this guy is talking shit …Aviod Smart Tvs at all cost , go for something better ..

  15. Leaps and bounds from anything Samsung's Lagwiz software provides on their TVs. We had a Samsung UA32J5500AW 32" Full HD TV (https://www.jbhifi.com.au/tv-home-entertainment/hd-televisions/samsung/samsung-ua32j5500aw-32-full-hd-led-lcd-smart-tv/700617/), and it would drop its audio (skip) at certain points, seemingly like the CPU was spiking to 100% in doing so. The picture never dropped though… so pretty sure the signal was good. We returned it, and the retail guy kept pinning it back on the arial signal in our area, but I noticed that SD channels don't skip anything, and I have an LG TV in my bedroom running off a 40km wireless indoor antenna, and it never skips audio like our Samsung did during HD broadcasts. There's not many options left in the 32" market (this is the only size that will fit in our TV unit and I want full HD for my Dad), so since I've had a positive and fast/smooth experience with LG, we will go with them 🙂 https://www.jbhifi.com.au/tv-home-entertainment/hd-televisions/lg/lg-32lh604t-32-full-hd-smart-led-lcd-tv/949275/

  16. so his is what happened to PalmOS…

  17. LG WebOS is Crap because doesnt support Flash Player = useless web browser.
    Consider Samsung instead.

  18. BradMan Ray (BradManRay)

    Flash player support? No comment, cause it is an issue… :-(

  19. I own an LG 43lf6300 (Quad Core), Reviews every where were good so i bought it, but those are LG Sponsored.
    I cant understand what's so smart about WebOS2?
    The browser does not support flash videos, so no videos in browser. The text resolution of browser is small (default due to HD, UHD resolutions, it looks extremely small), and you cant adjust it. So you cant browse websites either, as the fonts are so small you have to stand right in front of the TV to read. The browser is the worst made by humans till date. It should be in world records. WebOS should also be in worst OS ever records.
    The OS lags and hangs so much that you will not use it for any of its smartness.
    There is no File Manager.
    I could have bought a bigger screen without the stupid and useless WebOS.
    WebOS is complete crap, and every one should stay away from it.

  20. Can this tv broacast live streams such as sporting events and live video on the web browser?

  21. Guys, Android TV vs WebOS? And why?

  22. how and where do u find flash player I need it to watch programme s on my stvpl player gutted

  23. We have just installed the TV and for me the happy bird abomination is not necessary

  24. flash player doesn't work on my smart tv :(

  25. how can i install apps on lg webos. , where can i turn on install from unknown sources.

  26. jajajajajaajajajajajajajjasasjkas XD

  27. Web OS 2.0 work great, very fast, absolutly no lags .

  28. WebOS is crap..there is few apps only….Very shitty anvigation on webos…very stupid, 2012 os was better

  29. I purchased a 32LF630 WebOS tv and it is HORRIBLE, absolutely horrible.
    List of Cons:
    1. Cannot connect to simple bluetooth headsets (which as per advertisment it should)
    2. It takes 10 min everytime to find my media server
    3. the interface is complex and clumsy, to change the settings u have to dig into menus which are so non symmetric, it looks like a project done by school going guys.
    4. The remote is super directional (I am having the normal remote not the Fancy Magic Remote)
    5. Skype installation does not works, it says this is not compatable, as advertised it is supposed to.

    I really wished i had never bought this crappy TV, big mistake. My Strong recommendations to anyone reading this is to stay AWAY from this crap unless u r interested in hours and hours of frustration.

    Unfortunately in Singapore where i live and where i bought this, there is no option of returning the TV, else i would have done it..

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