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  1. I saw okbaby's vlog on the YouTube app!

  2. I love u Aspyn

  3. You should make a video on testing another youtubers DIY's or do a challenge with Parker!

  4. Alanah Farrugia-Snell

    what app did you use to have your phone on the screen when u are holding ur phone in your hand (by the way ur pretty)

  5. Camellia Bisignano


  6. I got an iPhone 7 too

  7. Haha i also had pink pad but I now have clue because I think It goes together with the health app and i liked the layout more

  8. How beautiful and cool would it be if you did a Travel Diary in Seattle Washington. With all the popular tourists attractions! And the bay! You and Parker are very talented editors and filmers!

  9. love your vids

  10. you're nervy at 3mil!!!!! ah ily and your editing skills are on point!! :)


  12. You should make a last minute diy Halloween costumes

  13. please do a video on how you maintain your hair color!! I'm obsessed with it!💞

  14. My school requires me to have notibility

  15. I just got the aspyn ovard x wildflower phone case, and oml it is GORGEOUS! I LOVE IT!😍

  16. What is your phone service? Ex.( Verizon, AT&T, sprint, or T-Mobile) ?

  17. annabelle humphreys

    what shows do you watch on Netflix?

  18. I just got the 6 this summer lol 😂😖😭

  19. Hey Aspyn I love you so much and I watch all of your videos and Vlogs I was just wondering if You could do a video of a few hairstyles with the length of hair you have now? I love your hair so much and it's looks beautiful at any length! ❤️~ Ashlynn

  20. An awesome app I use is Closet Remix. I heard about it from Mia (mamamiamakeup) a long time ago but I still use it to plan outfits and help my friends plan outfits

  21. one of my favorite game apps is called episode its just so entertaining for me and i always use it on plane rides or car rides

  22. Aspyn Ovard is so beautiful

  23. Totally terrific girls


  24. How are you liking the IPhone 7 camera? is it any better than the 6?

  25. It is for sure said like vis-co haha but yay new apps to add!

  26. How is you VCSO grid still square! I updated mine and lost the square/grid layout

  27. Loving your hair Aspyn 😍 GOALS 👑

  28. Does anyone know where she got her headboard from?!

  29. your hair is so beautiful!!!! :)

  30. Need to try the is it vegan app!

  31. I got the 6s + because I didn't want this phone I don't regret my choice at all tbh

  32. daniella balumuene

    i use notibility for school on my school ipad

  33. you inspired me to cut my hair and donate it! i love u soon much and you inspire me.

  34. you should get the app shopkick it gets you free gift cards for your favorite stores. when you walk in a store it gets you points to go towards a gift card! it's awesome!!!!

  35. You watch OkBaby Omg I do too there goals just like you..

  36. Fav App, Unroll me is an amazing app to help you clean up your email inbox!!!

  37. I love the home button on the iPhone 7

  38. Who came from OK baby?!😂🙋🏽

  39. Ayyyy I use Notability it literally saved my GPA 😂

  40. Brooklyn Carranza

    Legitness do u like your hair short or do you wish u never cut it ❤️u

  41. Where's your home screen from?

  42. love this video but I'm a Samsung user lol ❤

  43. Omg!! I love bea Miller❤️❤️

  44. Madeleine Kaptein

    Video Requests:
    -House Tour
    -Drug store makeup tutorial
    -How to make money fast
    -Monthly favorites
    -How I style my Short Hair
    Hope you see this!!!!!!

  45. your hair and shirt are sooo cute!!💖

  46. Mine does that too with the home button. If you just wait around 2 ish weeks it goes away!

  47. you should do a short hairstyles video!! please??!! WHOS WITH ME!!!???

  48. i swear aspyn is legit goals.

  49. When I put the video, I forgot you cut your hair!! 😩💜 but it still looks beautiful!! 💜💕✨ 😊😊💛

  50. You have a lot of apps!

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