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Will Samsung Survive ??? Google Android VS Samsung Tizen Full Comparison With PROS/CONS

HEy There !! Thanks for hopping to this channel ..THis video is all about what the difference between samsung’s tizen and google android.. For mY perspective i …

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  1. Don't buy this os tizen is too bad

  2. Please, Samsung. No more another OS.
    Imagine your favorite apps (not including mainstream apps) being unavailable on Tizen.
    It will just be another Microsoft app store (I really pity Windows Phone users, to be honest).
    What are you going to do if devs don't want to develop an app on Tizen?

    Admit it, almost everything in the digital world now is owned by Google, especially GMAIL and YouTube.
    This one's for sure. I won't switch with Tizen mail or another "Tizen Play Services" you'll make in the future (I'm sure you're planning to build your own "Google empire" too in the future)

    If Tizen will be implemented on the Samsung Galaxy Series, I have no choice but to switch to their closest rival, LG.

  3. Does Tizen Supports WhatsApp?

  4. You're only comparing the default layout, which can be customised or replaced by 3rd party themes.

    For your title's meaning, it's about entire OS.

  5. samsung just applied the API UI they get for Android on the lagacy devices!!Thats why Tizen looks better but comparing the Two is some what unfair…

  6. tizen is better than android

  7. speed test please..

  8. Could you try just renaming the file type from .apk, to .tpk before transferring it to the phone?

  9. Amazing that i don't need to have a gmail e-mail adress to use my phone. Google to hell would be the greatest thing that would happen.

  10. is z3 support share it????

  11. fucking indian again…

  12. paznokcie obetnij bo to nie estetycznie wyglada he…

  13. andriod is better

  14. can the Z3 runs the android apps please replay

  15. will samsung tizen z3 support google now feature or not??

  16. good video!

    the tizen interface is almost the same as the Samsung Launcher on android.. overtime I prefer Samsung over Google's launcher.

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