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Windows 10 Mobile Review

Our review of Windows 10 Mobile: http://wmpu.co/W10MReview Follow us: http://twitter.com/wmpoweruser Visit our site: http://wmpoweruser.com.

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  1. windows phone.. what a pathetic disgrace.. you cant even call this crap a OS in comparison with IOS and Android

  2. BLJAK….. Ugly as hell….

  3. I have windows phone

  4. Josip Andy Eshegovich

    I love it when I watch a review and become pleasantly surprised by the reviewer's music taste :)

  5. the theme must be black and white? is there any option to change the background to white color, and black font color?

  6. bluescluessuperagent

    Best part of the video, the dude reads Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

  7. Aurobindo Dharsaun

    Where can I get that blue background you're using in the home screen?

  8. less colorful that's for sure

  9. wait a second how can a browser NOT have back and forth buttons

  10. video to photo isn't working after update. Please say how to make it work again

  11. But it's still not a worthy update to what we used to know as Windows Mobile in my opinion.

  12. Circular contact photo really doesn't suit live tiles.

  13. Κατσαρό Πιρούνι

    this was pathetic.

  14. I love Windows 10 Mobile! It would be great to have it on a phone that can handle it for the new year! Thanks!

  15. I already love win 10, I could just imagine it on mobile.

  16. Spiros Mixailidis

    Which phone is that?

  17. @Abhijit Jayakumar National epidemic of India now takes to online forums too.

  18. Everything's well and good but the OS lacks the cohesiveness of the predecessor.

  19. They have started to copy apple and Android now, like swipe those emails and getting to delete and the album setup. I think this is what they should have done before instead of trying to be totally unique. Maybe they would have not fallen behind so much.

  20. Nice video, bit you forgot to talk about interactive notifications on toasts and action center which can receive pics into it.

  21. Abhijit Jayakumar

    Will Windows Phone 10 Device supports selfie sticks?

  22. Pianos Become the teeth is awesome!

  23. When they will launch the updates for all devices

  24. Still can't uninstall shitty apps like Podcast

  25. The new features are great but the overall UI and design language is garbage and a big step back from 8.1. The circle contact pictures are laughably bad.

  26. How is the performance of windows 10 on lower end phones? Specifically lumia 520.

  27. Is it stable/workable enough to consider updating my Lumia 1520 through insider? Or would I do well to wait?

  28. what phone are you using?

  29. Is the latest insider build stable enough for casual daily driver use as a primary phone?After hearing that the official release is getting delayed, I am tempted to go insider, but not sure if it's safe enough.

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