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Windows Phone 8.1 Launcher For Android: Review and Demo (Launcher 8)

Walkthrough here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJ94DKka5Cs

Download the launcher here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lx.launcher8&hl=en

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  1. Item not found in store….

  2. Brijmohan Kanojia

    first I wanna thanks to you if you'd created this windows phone launcher. it really feel me that I'm using an windows phone. 😍😍

  3. kakakakakkkakkkakkka supppupppuopppupppurrrerrrre

  4. Does anybody know if it is possible to run legitimate windows phone 8.1 or 10 on an Android? I was looking at new phones, but I prefer Windows OS, but can't find a decent phone that runs it.

  5. It's either this one or Launcher 10 really. I went for Launcher 10 and never looked back.

  6. I have tried it and it fails in many aspects. Best feature of Windows Phone is having live tiles. This launcher has it partially and that is not enough. I pinned Whats'App and Viber on the tile and when I get messages I don't get indication of any kind. And yes I want indication just as it is on Windows Phone. It can convert some widgets but they are nowhere near as they are true tiles for Windows Phone. Calendar tile can't be customized enough as it can on the Windows Phone. Overall – it is nice but needs A LOT of improvement to give true Windows Phone experience. I have reverted to original Samsung launcher.

  7. I might have to do that since WM announced it's dead this week.

  8. Takes a couple of seconds for me to search for a particular app

  9. This launcher i feel is the better than other launchers to be customized easily

  10. Please be advised that while this theme is pretty good, the developers are basically nonexistent. No support, nada.

  11. Don't download this flash karana pada mobile is ke vaja se

  12. IMO this is pointless to replace beautiful sony UI with this crap. :v

  13. Ben Wells Golf Swings

    I really like it. Set up is a steep learning curve but well worth it.

  14. World best launcher ever. It change my phone to wp. Someone even asked me,"Is it android or windows?"

  15. Никита Шульга

    Thank you! Good Launcher

  16. Luclecia Lowhanny1

    Nossa fala português kkkkkk

  17. where can I see my hidden apps? a little help pls. some widgets is not working like weather and my music player widget.

  18. Hey guys. Have you heard of the Android app called Adme? They're giving away $3 just for downloading their app. You can also get another .50 cents if you use the code tmSLokyxBH. Get paid to use your phone like normal! Little extra $$$ never hurt, right? Go check it out!

  19. aries paul tuazon


  20. With this Laucher, How can you make a Weather Live Tile, Sports Live Tiles, Stock Live Tiles, etc?

  21. Using this launcher, i'll be able to play windows games? Or the architeture still be the same of android?

  22. Alles nur spielerei

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