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Windows Phone: Most Essential Apps

This is my list of most essential apps for me on Windows Phone Tweetium Nextgen Reader SharedFolder Explorer Timesense MyTube TubeCast CastCenter …

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  1. 3:47 the überlay

  2. You forgot 6tag for Instagram. One of my favorites and very feature rich.

  3. Excellent cast buddy.
    I'd want to share these (which serve me well)

    Xodo Docs / file reader. I think it is superb!
    Files / library. Much more stable than Sharedfolder.
    #1 Toolkit / Swiss Pocketknife. Stable, perfect 44.1k recorder included!!
    Navi Computer / Navi. Download gpx and charts. Absolutely PERFECT, OFFLINE capability
    Note plus / notebook. It's good, fun, clean and allows to include pics.
    Perfect Folder Player / mp3 and LOSSLESS. Beauty. Stupidname, but excellent clean interface. HIGHLY REC.

    That's all folks!

  4. you also cqn get twitter and it is free dude

  5. varun raj navada sullia

    tq bro, it was helpful n all apps u told were very lite

  6. MyTube is the best.

  7. Is that a Lumia 640? I just ordered that phone today :)

  8. Manikamal Samudrala (kamal)

    good apps. tanks a lot,,,, how to record calls in windows phone

  9. Lets say you wanted to watch a movie thru Veehd.com and open it thru browser.Can you stream it thru the VLC player and in full screen?This area I have problems with.

  10. Dat fake movement 60fps

  11. pelese do monthly videos on new apps

  12. timotheus nakashona

    Any good music apps for windows phone….i use musicpro!

  13. hey hi there damir. i m new to windows… i wasd using android… i m having d same lumia 535… can yu let me know an app.. that can lock photos… its taking time for me to adjust to windows…  is there any app in windows dat can lock photos videos whatsapp   and so on.. great video ,.. ll download some today 😀 ..keep doing videos like these 😀 .

  14. So, how about Google apps such as Drive, Maps, Keep, Mail, etc. ? How about Chromecast apps? Or Android apps? Please do a follow up video. Thanks.

  15. . “ConstandineLand”

    Why use a third company app?

  16. Thanks for review! I know a wonderfull free app – MaxReminder! It's a best reminder for WindowsPhone! Friendly interface, speech recognition etc. I like it!

  17. I wish if i have a windows phone , but i live in Gaza 😣 its not avilable

  18. 3:50 how do you make youtube videos fullscreen without any buttons on screen? Thanks +Damir Franc

  19. Thanks for the vid. Didn't know about a few of them, but they are really good by the looks. I personally like metro tube for YouTube, been using that for about 3 years now and am very happy with it, otherwise, nice list and thanks for sharing..

  20. Apps like NPR One, total converter r also great

  21. He is using a Lumia 640xl

  22. which lumia phone are you using?

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