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Windows Phone Officially Dead (Proper Irish Send Off)

Sad but true. Microsoft has announced that you should go to iPhone or Android as windows phone is officially being shut down this coming December 2019.
This is a sad day and time to send Windows Phone off the right way.

Do you still use windows phone? let me know in the comments below.

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  1. RIP

  2. It was good but the app store was severely lacking

  3. P.s. is that fuckin Mr. Bean in thumbnail? He would be the Windows phone type too.

  4. RIP Windows phone, you were like a dog to me, man's best friend. As you grew old younger pups came along and I loved them too. But you were my old dog, big papa, you barely did anything and the other dogs could play fetch better. But big papa held it down and now you're gone… In honor of windows doggo I'll spread your ashes in…idk I'll chuck it over bill Gates fence or some shit he'll figure it out.

  5. This is so sad. Alexa play bitch lasagna.

  6. Eazy Computer Solutions

    Lol bro I was working on a complete funeral video for windows phone lol. Mines coming soon

  7. Oh no! I wanted them to make a comeback like Soulja boy!!! Lol 😂 Windows Phone? Windows Phone? Had the best comeback in 2019! Lol 😂

  8. The worst operating system ever created ,unfortunately Windows 10 copyed is this junk…

  9. lmfao the Irish bagpipes had me dying

  10. The Sensational One

    So they gone send an update that gone kill your phone?!

    Email gone still work? I use WP for work and got my tasks emails contacts Skype and message working just fine

  11. Sucks because windows phone was actually pretty damn good just horrible timing

  12. إلياس الدوسري

    I have An Lumia 950XL, HP Elite X3 Lumia 1020 and a 1520.. along with an S9+ I prefer windows O.S. but I'm sure this isn't the last of Windows Phone

  13. Just when I was thinking of buying another windows phone….

  14. Sad. I loved my Lumia 800.

  15. Rip Windows phones 📱 you have your time.

  16. Bighouse Productions

    Man!!!! What am I supposed to do with my Lumia 520 & 635 now! Thanks Microsoft 👀👀👀😂😂😂

  17. I still use an old windows 8.1 Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE from At&t, that i once used as my main phone before i upgraded to android back in 2016. I still use this for wifi activities from time to time and i think they lost the creative edge and spirit of competition against Apple & Android

  18. Dang and I got an idol 4s so much potential but so little ideas so long windows phones Hopefully someone figures out how to take the OS off and put an android OS on

  19. I can't wait until the Windows phone community I guess comes out and puts out a bunch of roots and ROMs

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