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World’s Loudest Homemade Air Horn!

Make a FREE earsplitting (120 decibel) air horn that’s perfect for sporting events! Don’t buy one…build one!

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  1. This is funny

  2. Can u send me a link to the canister?

  3. “World loudest” that sounds like my farts

  4. Israel andersonHOME

    When Kipkay still made good content.

  5. Josh’s rail videos

    Is that really a 120 decibel air horn? That's about as loud as a train horn witch is pretty cool!!!

  6. mine wont work

  7. Well I can't hear in my left ear

  8. Nah.

  9. Linus Lindberg


  10. its doesnt work!!!!

  11. David Kessinger


  12. I'll get right on that

  13. My left ear enjoyed this

  14. Rich M Studios

    It works!!! we use 30 ml barrel…. : )

  15. That's not the worlds largest

  16. can you make it sound like a loud truck

  17. 120db? that would rate it louder than a car horn, which is 110-115db. I built a K5LA that is much louder than a car horn. My K5LA is much louder than that piece of junk.

  18. i doesnt work

  19. Fire-hawk 1911

    Why so calm

  20. Who else is here from the new one?

  21. I woulded probally use a Funnel on the End to make an Extra Loud sound instead of the Straw.

  22. I made it it's class

  23. oh for crying out loud kipkay you taught us  product that made in china that you teaching us!

  24. I can't get it to work

  25. Amith Bobby Paul

    Hi kipkay this is my first video comment in the youtube I like you so much and your projects I wish I could just see you

  26. I was 5 years old when this video was made!!!

  27. whats a film can?

  28. 120 dB I think not. That would make it as loud as a jet taking off. No freaking way.

  29. How nice the videos were back then, without any advertisement for pages ect… 🙁

  30. now gently insert into your rectum and push with all your might for a great effect that all your friends will love.

  31. I make it out of a Coolup can and hook it up to a air compressor and put a pipe line a hook it to a air horn

  32. do i have to press B to blow?

  33. Ow, why the left ear!?

  34. Dr. Been // Vlogs

    R.I.p headphone users but works for me

  35. Film……cannister?

  36. play 0:13 to 0:15 at speed 0.5. thats what she said

  37. Geometry Dash Articat

    120 decibels? I would be surprised if it were 500 decibels.

  38. Osama Bin Laden

    My air horn is louder

  39. cool very nice!

  40. ChrisMillerLite

    this should be renamed, worlds lamest homeade air horn

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