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World’s Most Dangerous Battery!

The LiPo is an extremely hazardous battery if mishandled. Watch what happens when I overcharge one at the end! Please pay attention to the warnings for this type of battery!
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  1. Felix Norman

    0:49 You over Charged Me ! So you Get This!

  2. LEOBear

    Any kind of energy source is dangerous, use your brain.

  3. Juan A. Ortiz Rivera

    2008 VIDEO!!

  4. ChannelSAP

    watching this with a phone that has a LiPo battery =O

  5. Alex Dalton

    Tattu 1300 70c almost burnt my house down this is no bullshit it caught fire in my driveway

  6. Austin Whiteted


  7. Fabrizzio Laggio

    "American videos ". Overreacting, loud and dumb…why do they not learn once for all?

  8. Sgt. Salty's Only Hearts Club Band


  9. Mudkip909

    wanna know a story? I had an epic rc helicopter when I was 9, (in now 10)  and after it fell into the trees in my backyard, the li-po battery exploded due to puncture!

  10. Matt Bateman

    this is some crazy shit. I run lipos in my airsoft guns.

  11. kake Sharma

    don't buy samsung smart phone

  12. Doug Nemeth

    whats the song in the beginning

  13. Derek Dodson

    The 'WORLD's' most dangerous!? Wow what a claim. You may be right but personally I have extreme doubts!

  14. ToxoTron

    Dang!!!!!! Thanks for the heads-up. I was going to buy an rc truck and watching this saved my life!! Also, that is a homemade flamethrower right there

  15. givem thefinger

    and 80% of the world put it on their face.


    and this note 7.

    i'm so original

  17. Edwin PJ

    Both Li-Po and Li-ion batteries are dangerous if it is not used Carefully. Please avoid misleading people.

  18. Nooredin Darwish

    note 7 problem

  19. Nooredin Darwish

    note 7 problem

  20. ElectricShock

    oh crap i have one and i'm 9

  21. Jaren The subway guy

    I'd replace the battery type in those toys

  22. Denis Milojkovic

    how about just replacing the li-po battery with li-ion one thats the same voltage?

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