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Your Phone App for Windows 10 Impressions: Uniting Your Phone and PC

Microsoft introduced the Your Phone app at their Build event earlier this year. The Windows 10 app will allow users to access their Android or iOS smartphones on their PCs. Currently, the app only allows photo transferring as well as SMS texting, however, there’s a ton of potential in this new way of connecting your phone to your PC. When the app is closer to being finished, it’ll be able to access your phone’s notifications as well.

Your Phone (Microsoft Store link): https://bit.ly/2NpDq4O



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  1. Just fyi your phone needs 7.0 or 8.0 for this app to work, will not install on a phone with marshmallow. Kinda crazy since thats only a 2 year old OS.

  2. Thanks for the video. I have a question. How do you set it up if your pc is one one identity (live) and you have a google identity for your android phone? Which do you set the app up with?

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  4. Once again dear old Microsoft shoots itself in foot by releasing a program that just does not work! OK they say its a "work in progress" but IT JUST DOES NOT WORK! So what is the point on getting people to load a program half finished? We would not accept motor cars being released with no steering wheel or no wheels so why should we accept this crap from Microsoft. Oh and while Im here the new Snip and Sketch is only half finished also. DOH!!!!!

  5. Sure wish I could get this working on my GS 9+. Been working on it for 4 days now since I installed the October Update. I have done ALL the troubleshooting Microsoft says to do.

  6. I can do that on Dell connect

  7. 0:41 The QuickLook app is one of the greatest apps for previewing files on file explorer using the spacebar key, just like macOS's quick look feature

  8. Windows and Android coming together is a very good way to beat Apple's ecosystem

  9. They should develop Phone screen mirroring and phone's file system accessible through this app.

  10. if they enabled like a screen extension via this app they would be innovative and have cornered a market, but they fucked t up again

  11. It installed on my windows 10 pro.. unfortunately it only support Android v7.0 or higher.. they really need to extend their support atleast 6.0 or the app itself is useless

  12. Thanks again for another informative video! Just wondering, do you still have to install their launcher onto an Android phone to get this to work?

  13. Hey what about airdrop alternative bcs Microsoft also released that but it's too slow when will Microsoft release a proper alternative to air drop.

  14. Does it requires internet?

  15. Does this work with Windows Phones? It would be joke if it didn't.

  16. OMG… Andromeda!!!  I miss my Windows Phone!

  17. Excellent video!! Thanks!!

  18. Fantastis….. Very Good…..

  19. cool, if Microsoft will spend decent time on this, then I guess this will be a really useful app

  20. Hey folks! Sorry I couldn't show off SMS texting. I filmed this video literally a day too early 😅. I've been trying it out after I uploaded the video and it seems to work quite well. There are some weird things like each conversation showing the other person's as well as your own phone number and the app takes a bit to refresh and load your texts. Hoping this can expand to other messaging apps in the future because I rarely use SMS. Well, that's it for my little blurb. Stay tuned for more content! Lots of exciting stuff coming in the next few weeks. Let's Go 😉

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