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Your SMART TV is SPYING ON YOU – Recording Your Private Conversations & Sending to the Feds


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  1. This has been going on for years when your tv is just plugged in they can see you. When things went digital things got worse. In the wrong hands things got deadly. Women have it the worses. They spy on them take things they say and do and just make a big ball of confusion with it. This goes pass the tv.

  2. whats better Samsung or lg viz

  3. there is a way to disable the camera and the bug from your TV

  4. ThatOneKidYouDontKnow

    FUCK I have a smart TV and I can't afford to upgrade right now

  5. Nice clip from THX1138 there.

  6. geez got this problem know my every move.

  7. here's the weird thing randy, if I didn't tell you I felt like I was pirated, would you have told people I incounter to itch there face or balls, I know it's overwhelming.

  8. When you have God in your life, Satan cannot touch you! It also helps to carry scotch tape and a sharpie! Best privacy ever!

  9. Thanks +caroline



  12. I no that but on the news they say you can disable voice recognition in your terms and policy/ smart hub and I do have it

  13. My Samsung smart tv doesn't have voice recognition I wounder why 🤔🤔🤔🤔 I just bought it from Walmart not even a year old yet

  14. Lucifer PitchBlack

    I feel sorry for the Drug Dealers ! Lol !

  15. this is also how they break into your personal life they just give this to the 3rd party…your family. which is how the police are controlled. thats why racism exists…youve already broken the generational producer system. so you are just experiencing thier loss. which puts the system as thier main source. it strengthens against you when you break the racism they sell a care contengency to them. they will love you to trwat you like family but they are the law. any type of speech is also police property. sexuality, slang, any foreign language, scientific terms. this enables them to sync to any mind at any location in the entire world just allowing you dont see and thus cannot prove they are out sourcing a license agreement to a co-user that entreats a secure line. say that user is gay. you are 1st not allowed to know. you dont know or discover you leak or steal. 2nd you are or may be jealous. 3rd it may be in your best intrest to try this but you cant posess the gay because ypu are still accused of owning or stealing the leak or license which also has a source. 4th the gay has a reference source controller. the source may be illegal or an informant. in other words a slave or bus for truth which is orgd to the goverment. why org because the org is organ and earth. which means death. nothing really happens in your brain or organs or earth they just made all this up. the devil is an old mode…called pirate trader. simple as blackbeards boats flag. the devil is a man a pirate a militant a servant and a king. classic trick. the other trick is…no women.. not allowed. it wasnt true then history recorded it being a mans image thus the idea is make women want it or use them as it. do you believe in yourself…the law..then you are the devil…you are the pirate…you are free…a king…a thief…but you can and will die and the gov is still against you.. youre weakness is wine and liquor and fruit and your strength is gold jewels brazen essence and women and bold strong men…you are the center and top you refuse to be the first or last on the ship…until it is ultimately necessary then you may take a dingy out of range and allow trespass only to hunt your own ship after recruiting another ship and crew or kill them all yourself or join them hiding your real identity. all online of course all in cars and from desks and phones. pirates sports teams to support. you like them right….its american right…get out…you cannot. your tv isnt the threat…its just one of the tools. youre never going to win. can you imagine what my life is like? i think i just gave you a very clear view of what i see daily.

  16. is this why BBC iplayer doesn't work for me sometimes?

  17. I have a Samsung Galaxy mega 2 phone and just noticed a blinking eye that is so weird

  18. This is so sad that people don't respect our privacy anymore

  19. Molten-metal-swords 84

    If only you could intercept a Hell fire Misile and redirect it to these Data collection Agencies.

  20. Molten-metal-swords 84

    3rd party advertisers can go and suck a frosted dick with chery on top.

  21. will have to cover the tv up while having sex on the couch ;)

  22. I haven't watched any kind of TV since 2003, much less the smart-ass TV..
    I still write letters long hand and use the postal service…  I can't stand any kind of commercial interrupting whatever it is I'm doing at any time.. And I will not PAY a cable or Dish service $65.00 to $85.00 a month to watch unwanted commercials for 30 minutes out of every fucking hour….

  23. When we switched from analog to digital we let them do it now everybody need a box to actually watch or get watched FUCK NWO

  24. My parents bought a new LG smart tv today. When I was setting it up for them it came on with the whole do you agree bla bla end user tv bla bla press enter to continue. Well I kept on reading down the long list of disclaimers to where it says by agreeing you are then aware that your conversations may be collected by 3rd party interests so that we can be aware of your product satisfaction and for other marketing purposes.

  25. i knew this when they first started the converter box

  26. You people do know that Apple has been doing this since 2011 with your iPhones its right there on the little button where you push accept and proceed when you sign up for iTunes. every single word that you have said to Siri has been sent to Apple and recorded for 4 years

  27. It makes me ill and I feel disgusted to think how easily we give up our rights and freedom.  No one is outraged as long as they give us our new shiny little toys.

  28. 3spooky5mee

  29. But… can we trust Alex Jones?

  30. See the Spy Program on my channel.

  31. 'this is a shocker' -_-

  32. TheLanaAndStellaShow

    Mine doesn't have a built in camera? Ours is probably an older version… I hope

  33. No Thank You….😥😡💬🇬🇧

  34. Why hasn't somebody sued the pants off of them?

  35. i have a The Samsung UNF6300 series but it doesnt have voice recognition and it doesnt have a microphone either so can they still listen?
    another question are they spying on us through the internet? cuz if thats it i might as well just shut it off 

  36. This make me so mad 😡

  37. whats to say LG ,SONY and any other tv .From now on net off.

  38. so I cant fakk my Girlfriend on front on tv now ?

  39. That's ok, My GOD is spying on them. JESUS CHRIST IS COMING!

  40. anybody know where the movie clip is from at 1.24 ?

  41. Jokes on the corporations had to see some things I've done In front of a TV.

  42. It wouldn't surprise me you are also a creationist…

  43. This is 100 % Percent Reality . This is the world Were now living in and This is really happening. It's not just your Smart Tv ,its also your Android phones ,tablets and even Gay iphones if you still got it, they all listen and monitor everything. Sometimes I could be talking about things I've purchased, or need to buy, it doesn't matter if I'm on the phone, or talking in my room, Sometimes even just thinking about a certain item I need. Just a few hours or maybe a day or two later I'll go to Amazon and sure enough it's in my Recommendations for purshase. Take notice to what you say out loud and Wait and See.. Somehow those things will be thrown in your face to buy.. Has anyone Else noticed this ? Especially with Amazon ?..

  44. This can only happen if you have these things in your home.  Refuse to have them – problem solved.  I seriously doubt that some delivery van is gonna pull up to your house and force you to use smart appliances or TVs.  (unlike the power companies!)   Smart meters are spy devices, and emit frequencies which cause tumors, especially in the heads/brains of children.

  45. it's worse then panopticon. 

    Panopticon creates an illusion that you are always watched, this shit is not an illusion, it's a damn prison.

    People are paying for their own prison. 

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